Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today is Mustard Yellow

mustard yellow mosaic apron pyrex dressI'm fickle when it comes to my favorite color. Some days it's a delightful turquoise blue, others a lovely lime green. But today? Today is mustard yellow.

This is the color of my everyday dishes and some of my favorite pillowcase aprons. It's the color of home sewn Easter dresses that still find their way into our wardrobe rotation. And it's the color of this fabulous set of vintage pyrex mixing bowls -- brought home by Mr. Peculiar. He bought them for me -- for my shop. But don't they look pretty sitting on my shelf? Almost as pretty as this bread box nestled contentedly on our kitchen counter. And herein lies the problem -- I simply can't keep it all. As such some of these items will find their way into the shop as the week progresses. Stay tuned ...

❊❊❊ ❊❊❊ ❊❊❊

Things I'm Loving Today:
  • Walks to the library on breezy summer days
  • Flowers on the porch
  • Afternoon downtime with Scooby Doo
Things I'm Hoping for Today:
  • To shrink that ever multiplying pile of laundry (with a modicum of Zen)
  • That you will join me on Facebook
  • That I can figure out just what to make for dinner -- maybe asian noodle salad? (Any suggestions?)


Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

I have NEVER beena Yellow girl-until this year! I love all the variations on mustard.

Bev said...

hi shalet...bev from kelly rae's class...
your blog looks so great, very pleasing to the eye! love the apron on the clothesline on your header..
getting traffic to your etsy shop can be a challenge...keep at it...YOU MATTER! one thing i am going to do is check out some of the etsy blogs and get in the etsy community...i haven't done that yet...
hang in there!
get this: when i went to post my comment, the word for verification is....bless
i think that is pretty sweet...