Thursday, June 24, 2010

Caught for the world to see

Dress Rehearsal

Today was Little's end of year dance recital. There is something wrong with me when I go to these events. I get all sentimental and gooey and teary-eyed. It's the music and the dancing ... (now don't get me wrong here -- we are talking small town production, i.e. not Broadway). And though the production is amateur, or perhaps because the production is amateur, I'm drawn in. I wish I was a child again, twirling about my bedroom, mama's scarf in hand, utterly and completely lost in play.

Today, smack in the middle of the stage, was a cherubic toddler. She couldn't have been more than three. She had perfect rosy red cheeks and sweet Shirley Temple curls. But, unlike her doppelganger, she did not have a clue what she was doing. Yet she stood up on stage and beamed. I mean absolutely beamed. She was delighted to be caught for all the world to see.

And I got to thinking. At some point we are all going to find ourselves unprepared in unintended places; whether that's a stage or a board meeting or a gallery event. My first inclination would be to cry. To transcend into the fetal position, suck my thumb and whimper to my heart's indulgence. But it seems I have a different option. Alternately I could let go of my fears, open my heart and beam. The latter is quite appealing is it not?

Indeed children have much to teach us. So today I'm tapping my inner child -- I'm going to run and skip and dance and set myself free. Won't you join me?

❊❊❊ ❊❊❊ ❊❊❊


Deeapaulitan said...

I'll join you tomorrow since I didn't get this until almost bedtime! :) Looking forward to a good frolic!

Jadyn said...

You are so right, children have so much to teach us in being unabashedly ourselves...such a cute pic too!

Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

OMG. This is fabulous. Yes! I have been in that fetile position one too many times and would much rather beam from the stage. Or even from the top of a picnic table, which is where I used to stage all of my backyard productions. I might actually print this out and keep it close as a frequent reminder to get in touch with that little girl on the picnic table and remember to shine, shine, shine.

Amy said...

Great philosophy!!!

ger chouinard said...

Morning Shalet! So glad 'Flying Lessons' allowed our paths to cross. It's a beautiful Sunday morning. I'm sipping coconut creme coffee and I just love it HERE (YOUR blog place)! ... listening to your blog music, visiting your Etsy shop and contemplating running, skipping, dancing and setting myself free! Thx for the inspiration! Love your posts - keep sharing!

Mrs. E said...

Great way of looking at things! I'm going to remember that toddler without a clue the next time I feel that way!