Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Want to Spread Exponential Joy

This morning I dropped my youngest daughter off at school.  It's her week to be the "star" and we made a poster all about her.  I felt incredibly privileged to work on that project.  We picked out photographs and talked about her favorite things.  Her favorite color is blue and Mew Mew is her favorite kitty.  She *loves* the picture of her dad laughing and drinking coffee.  Believe you me I hugged that girl and held her tight.

This morning, as I dropped her off,  I gave her another big hug then quickly turned away.  You see I started to cry. I've been doing that a lot these past few days.  I can't help myself.  My heart aches for our country and our world.

I adore my daughter's school.  It's old and has big bright windows and sweet little drinking fountains.  The halls are full of laughter and projects and joy.  I simply can't imagine.

What is the solution?  I could not tell you.  Clearly the young man needed help.  Clearly he should not have had access to such weapons.  There will be much debate over what to do and how to do it.

What I do know is I am responsible for myself and the lives of my children.  And I believe there is good in this world, a lot of it.  I believe in paying it forward and I believe in karma.  I believe small people can do big things.

So Friday afternoon we started a personal campaign.  A campaign to infuse goodness back into this world. The kids and I bought and gave a gift to Operation Elf.  We donated to a 4-H club.   We bought toys for the pets at the humane society and we made a KIVA loan.

This morning I got coffee on my way home.  I also bought coffee gift cards.  We are going to randomly distribute them this afternoon.    We are going to write and deliver notes of love and encouragement (we've done this before and it made a big impression on my girls).  We are going to make snowflakes for Sandy Hook.  We are going to knit hats and give them away.  We are going to yarn bomb something.

Essentially we are going to make sure light and joy and goodness remain.  Not only do we want it to remain.  We want it to be seen.  We want it to be infectious.  We want to spread exponential joy.

Middle has pledged to do one good deed for each day of 2013.  Imagine if we all did that?  365 days; each an opportunity to make this world just a bit brighter.

Am I naive?  Perhaps.  But I refuse to live in fear and I refuse to give up hope.

I hope you feel the same.  



Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12; An Ordinary Day

Today I took part in a project:  12-12-12.  Goal?  To record a day in the life.   Thank you Xanthe Berkley for the inspiration.  

This was all shot on my iphone.  I've not yet fiddled with the video component of my DLSR and today my "real" camera wasn't practical.  It's a bit hard to take on the slopes when learning to skate ski.  Did I get any actual ski footage?  H*ll no.  I was too busy trying to stay upright and catch my breath.  

But it's okay.  Today I'm taking Arthur Ashe's advice: 

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."  

And there you have it.  One ordinary day; 12-12-12.  


Monday, December 10, 2012

A little of this, a little of that

This past week I've been sick.  It started as a head cold which has now settled nicely in my chest.  As an asthmatic I expected this and yet am none too pleased.  Each day I'm feeling the tiniest bit better. I'm hoping I'll be well enough to attend skate skiing lessons on Wednesday.

These lessons were an early Christmas present to myself.  An excuse to get out, enjoy the snow and to get some much needed exercise.

It's funny.  Despite my asthma and my meniere's I consider myself a healthy person.  And despite my utter lack of exercise I consider myself an athletic person.  Labels stick; whether positive or negative.

Right now I'm sitting in my chair by the fireplace.  It's facing our tree. A train whistle blows in the distance (oh how I *love* that sound).  I've got a chai tea latte by my side and the spices are just right for the season and my throat.

Our tree is up.  The lights are twinkling.  I can't even begin to tell you how happy this makes me. The smell of pine, the ribbon, the sparkle.

Each year, when we open our Christmas box, I'm drawn to the handmade goodies, felt gnomes, paper mache mushrooms, pine cone ornaments from waaaay back.  I am reminded that this season is not about fancy.  It's not meant to be perfect.  Rather it's meant to be like home; warm, cozy, safe and full of love.

Despite this I'm not quite prepared yet for Christmas to come.  I'd like to sit a while in the pre-Christmas glimmer. To pause time and wait for gifting inspiration to strike.

This year I'm knitting stockings for the kids (something I've meant to do for years).  And I'd like to make something like this for our house.

The mister can expect a toilet paper holder (what every man wants) made with a vintage license plate from his home state.  I'd also like to knit him a pair of socks but time is running short.  The Boy, well we've got him covered though I'll not say what here -- he may just happen upon this space.

As for the girls -- I'm getting there.  I've ordered one item for Middle which she will love (hush hush).  And I think I'm going to get a subscription to something else that will spark her creativity.

Then Little.  She will be getting a freezer paper stenciled shirt from Doctor Who, as well as, a DVD of the latest season.  I'd like to get her something more but, again, am waiting for that inspiration.

Oh and then there are the holiday cards.  I've got plans there.  Things to do.  But they won't be done by December 25th.  I'm giving myself a pass.  Friends and family can expect a mail anywhere from New Years to Valentines Day (or beyond).  I love you.  I'm thinking of you. But time is running short.

And now to go make use of that time.  I'm going to put Madeleine Peyroux on Pandora and get some knitting done.

Au Revoir!


Friday, December 7, 2012

Morning Joe (aka the way I passed the better part of the afternoon)

What?  What's that you say?  A time lapse application for the iphone?  Yes!  Yes please!

And this is how I spent the better part of my afternoon:

Morning Joe from Shalet Abraham on Vimeo.