Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Friends, Neighbors and Community

This past week I was both flabbergasted and blessed. You see -- several scrumptious items found their way into my life.

First my friend Nikki sent me this awesome tote she found at the Patchwork Indie and Arts Festival. I mean is this right up my alley or what?!! This bag will be going to the library, the park, the pool; I do believe it will be glued to my side this summer.

vintage camper trailer tote bag

And then my friend Patti stopped by. She was at a flea market, saw this little diddy and thought of me.

vintage hero camera
Hello beautiful!

I just *LOVE* vintage cameras and am starting to have quite a nice collection. Especially since my neighbor, Michele, stopped by with another little beauty:

vintage hawkeye cameraAin't she purdy?

I'll use these cameras to take TTV photos and am quite excited to have them in my arsenal.

All that in one week - that's enough to make one feel seriously blessed. But the giving didn't stop there. Tonight I tried to buy recital ticket's for Little's upcoming show. Instead the teacher gave them to me - for free! (she owns the dance company so it's okay). Earlier in the year she came to my garage sale and we exchanged goods for dance lessons. I see more garage sale freebies in her future!

And, finally, tonight my other neighbor, Cindy, brought us a plate of appetizers. She'd had company over and ended up with left-overs; belgian endive stuffed with walnuts and parmesan cheese. Oh holy cats were they delicious! I'm sorry to say there are no photos -- they were devoured on the spot.

I sincerely love all the items sent my way this past week. But what I love above all are my friends, neighbors and community. These people know me. Not only do they know me but they get me. And they accept me just as I am. Really a gal couldn't ask for anything more.

❊❊❊ ❊❊❊ ❊❊❊


vivienne said...

what a week! those goodies are all so delicious and you photograph them so beautifully!

Shalet said...
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Shalet said...

Oh thank you for that compliment Vivienne! It means a lot coming from you!

Mrs. E said...

Your vintage cameras are awesome!!

Community is a blessing. (I have learned to feel that the blog community is a blessing, too!)

Tammie said...

wow what an excellent week. i love it when things like this happen.

and ive been wanting to tell you how much i love your header. the two photos go together so perfectly.

Jen said...

It's wonderful to see all the goodies you've received. It's nice to be loved and appreciated by the people that surround you.

I also have to say I am loving how your blog's looking. I've been behind with all the beautiful blogs we're finding thru Kelly Rae's class. I subscribed to your blog thru Bloglines early on and then was having trouble finding you. Maybe it's because of all the beautiful changes you've made. Once I stopped and saw the vintage campers I knew I found you. Now I also wouldn't be surprised if it's all the same and you've made no changes. My mind makes stuff up sometimes, too. Oh well, the bottom line is that it looks great!

olive + hope said...

I am adoring your blog! What a wonderful thing to have so many people in your life get you (and to be so giving). I'm drooling over those cameras!! I can't wait to see what big things are ahead for you.

Jen of {Spring Lane Designs} said...

I love vintage cameras too! In fact, I'm having a week long sale in my shop celebrating the wonderful-ness of them! {Camera Day is June 29th...}

I've tried a bit of ttv but haven't gotten my "contraption" made up yet. I've got a Duaflex and am going to try a pattern for a black felt tunnel that I found on a website. I'd love to see your set up sometime! {I suppose it could be on here already...just started reading your blog:)