Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So much I need and want to do!

I'm finally done with the big work stint (not done working mind you but done working extra shifts). As such I'm feeling creative again. My mind is running a million miles an hour and there are so many things I want to do ... make more shirred scarves (see above), sew an apron and pajama pants, put together some I spy bags, bake scones, embroider, knit and, of course, photograph.

There's only one problem (well really two). You see we're getting ready for a road trip and this house, this poor poor house, needs tending to. Before any trip we go on a whirlwind cleaning tour. First off I don't want the folks caring for our house to run away in fear. Second -- no one likes returning to disaster. So today has been spent scrubbing toilets, cleaning mirrors, doing dishes and laundry and, finally, tackling that forlorn kitchen floor.

This year's vacation is humble -- we're camping out. The five of us tucked away in the wilderness; no television, no telephone, no internet. We're bring books and crosswords and jacks, knitting and embroidery, hiking boots and cameras, fishing poles and swimsuits and, of course, mosquito spray. It should be lovely -- that is once we're packed and on the road. As such I'd best get back to my chores. I can't wait to show you my vacation pictures! See you in a few.


Robin Norgren said...

Oh this vacation sounds like a little piece of heaven-enjoy yourself and hoping for new inspirations while away from the distractions

Jen said...

Hope you enjoy your trip. Don't forget to take a journal to jot down your creative ideas and wishes for when you get home.