Sunday, August 22, 2010

Garage Sale Finds

This morning my lovely co-worker bought me a mocha (thanks Jenny!). The caffeine did it's job and when I arrived home I was not at all tired. So instead of sleeping off the night shift we hit the garage sale circuit. Am I ever grateful we did!

The first find? A new coffee table; new to us that is. It has a lovely chocolate hue and has just the enough wear along the edge to call it shabby chic. We've been without a coffee table for almost a year and this is the perfect addition. The best part? Fifteen dollars. Yipee!

The next treasure was a set of three sumptuous blue mason jars. They make such alluring vases and, honestly, the scent of the butterfly bush flower resting in them? Heavenly! Pure love on my new table.

And finally this adorable ceramic mushroom is the perfect fall piece to tie the whole thing together.

Now my living room is a bit more grown up and the caffeine has worn off. Outside a gentle breeze is blowing. Our windows are thrown open and there is a sweet crispness to the air. The aspen leaves are fluttering and a lawn mower hums in the distance. I do believe it is the perfect time for a nap.

For now, adieu. I hope you, too, are having a delightful weekend!

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