Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring, or is it?

I'm sitting in my rocking chair near the front of the house. Gray clouds float along the horizon while blue sky peers in from overhead. The light is low and sumptuous. And it is hailing. Yes. Hailing. The weather has been doing this all day; oscillating between spring and winter. The poor bulbs, lured above ground with the promise of spring, now must suffer winter's indignation; for them this truly is April fools.

As for me I've been busying myself with spring projects; specifically felting an Easter egg and knitting it a slimy companion. Additionally I bought myself a treat - tulips. Looking at my bright new table runner coupled with these floral delights I can almost forget old man winter continues to wield his influence.

Tonight's meal was also quite spring-like. Spinach salad complete with tomatoes, warm bacon and homegrown hard-boiled eggs. Topped with a balsamic vinaigrette -- perfect. Of course the kids refused the green stuff opting for an evening of bacon and eggs.

And now we are watching It's the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown. A perfect end to the day.


This year my eighth grade son is taking the equivalent of home ec. Of course now it goes by a different name. Actually three different names; Foods, Sewing and Crafts. And today report cards came. The teacher's comment for sewing was this: socializing interferes with learning. Needs to use class time wisely.

A week ago my thirteen-year-old son brought home an apron that he made. An apron he sewed. Himself. A thirteen-year-old boy. I'd say he is using his time wisely. And truthfully this teacher's comments bother me.

Sewing and crafting is and should be social. What's more fun than working on a project, surrounded by friends and chatting? I mean really? C'mon lady - lighten up. Cut the kid a break and let him enjoy the process. Don't ruin it for him. Don't ruin it for me. Don't drain the joy from creativity because that is what it is all about. Joy. And, God forbid, fun. Criminy!

Now crafting does come with problems of its own; specifically stealing time from other endeavors, say, housecleaning. Tomorrow I will have two extra six-year-olds before kindergarten. As much as I'd like to tell you otherwise I am embarrassed about the condition of this house. So, tonight, I will stay up late and clean. Only just to impress the parents. Or actually not so much to impress but more as to not make a negative impression. What can I say? I can't help myself. And now off to clean. Have a lovely evening!

P.S. if you want to knit yourself a snail go here. Likewise if you'd like to felt and egg there is a tutorial here. Happy crafting! Just don't blame me for your messy house!

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LL Cool Joe said...

"In other words I write for myself. If someone else reads these musings all the better. If not so be it."

I really like that attitude and I think more bloggers should think that way.

Just popped over from the Zen of Motherhood. :)