Thursday, March 25, 2010

Random Mumble Jumble and Thursday Love

The house is quiet. I can hear the gurgle of the dishwasher and the hum of the dryer. Today is cooler and grey outside. The wind is picking up and I can hear the occasional squeak of some roof top contraption. In my mind this is the tv antenna of days gone by. But all our information comes underground via a cable network. There is no longer the need to climb on the roof and jiggle the reception back into place. I doubt my children have ever seen static on television.

The kids are still visiting relatives (though the boy comes home tonight). My husband is at work. Our two dogs and three cats are contentedly sleeping the day away. I myself am a little sleepy. But soon I need to get into gear. Showering would be a good idea. I'm having a bad hair day and wearing a scarf. The scarf is fine for puttering about the house but doesn't seem like appropriate work attire. Yesterday I donned a housewife doo-rag. Again only appropriate for being indoors and alone. You see I'm growing my hair out and we've hit that holy cats nothing looks good stage. I'll probably pull it back into an almost ponytail and call it good.

So here I sit. My week of freedom is over. Back to work and back to parenting. I did not accomplish much. I was hoping to clean the house top to bottom. There is an odd sticky ring in my bathtub -- of what I have no idea. I was hoping, at least, to eliminate that. Yet I don't know how to make it go away. I keep thinking of The Cat in the Hat and am subsequently stifled; Thing One and Thing Two won't pop out from under this scarf to fix things when I get in a bind.

I was also hoping to buy some wool roving and felt some eggs. Instead I've barely left the house. I did clean the kitchen table, the fridge and rearrange the spice pantry. I even scrubbed the kitchen floor (which doesn't happen all that often). So I 'spose something is better than nothing. Oh yes I also managed to shop for food. My cupboards were truly bare. It seems I took the frugality thing to its utmost limit and most definitely needed to restock.

I think I need to make a list; a checklist of things to do so I can actually accomplish what ought to get done. But maybe later. For now I will shower and call it good.

Things I love today:
  • Changing Flickr into a different language - what a great way to play with Spanish (a big one on the bucket list; learning a new language that is).
  • Figuring out why I am so sleepy (I just took a new allergy medication - duh!) and now am feeling a little better about my lethargic state of being.
  • Thrifted fabric turned into my new spring table runner - easy peasy!
  • Quiet houses.
  • Clean and stocked cupboards.
  • Anne Lamott in Sunset Magazine (permission not the clean the house and just be -- hooray, I've been quite good at that this week!)
  • Flowers.
  • Thoughts of all the things I will accomplish once I get around to it.
Happy Thursday!


Liz said...

Before you can get Thing 1 and Thing 2 to clean the ring in your tub, remember to eat cake in a nice, hot bubble bath. And ooh - I want to change flickr to Spanish! Thanks for the link : )

*Michelle* said...

I, too, never accomplish nearly as much as I fantasize about before a vacation begins. I love how you've managed to be honest about your life and also stay positive-- nice balance. I'll be back. :)