Thursday, March 4, 2010

For the Love of Color (and other things)

Today begins for the LOVE of COLOR week. And the color of the day is, ba da da dum ... Green! My favorite hue of green is bright lime (almost a yellow green). Such a cheery invigorating sight for the eyes (and soul).

Yesterday my daughter and I went on a photo walk in search of this elusive color. It's rather amazing what can be found when one opens his/her eyes (and heart). Who knew so much color was just lazing about waiting for admiration. Go look. Yes. Right where you are. See all the radiant color?!!

Lovely, 'eh?

Today is also Thursday. One of seven days for gratitude and love.

Today I love:
  • The sun!
  • The Hothouse Flowers
  • A river trail oh so close to my house
  • Learning to run again
  • Homemade pizza dough waiting in the fridge
  • Little girls all dressed in pink (stay tuned for tomorrow's color)
  • Little old lady clip on earrings (absolutely perfect for dress up)
  • Sumptuous snow-capped mountains standing guard
  • Simpson clouds speckling the sky (as seen upside down while stretching)
  • Living in a place with next to no traffic
  • Reading, reading, reading
  • Knitting, knitting, knitting
  • Family

What do you love today?

1 comment:

Joy! said...

I'm loving your list and your color posts. :)
And lentil stew put away in the fridge.
Evening walks in brisk sunny air.
And a little girl who's learned to put herself back to sleep.