Thursday, March 11, 2010

Love Thursday and tidbits from the week ...

Conversation in the car with a 6-year-old:

"Mom. Your hair looks dyed" said Little ever so innocently.

"Oh really? Why?" I asked.

"Because there is a HUGE white streak across the side" she said.

Lovely. I'm choosing to assume she's commenting on the natural blond highlights. Mmm hmm. That's it.


Things I love today:

  • This Mac 'N Cheese prepped for tonight's dinner
  • Delectable thrift store finds
  • Cloth fortune cookies (another 4th grade town project)
  • Sleep (It's amazing what a good night's sleep will do)
  • Coffee, coffee and coffee
  • Two weekends off in a row
  • The way my eyes wrinkle when I smile (I should smile more often)
  • Knitting in progress (for 7-months) that is nearly complete
  • An upcoming (and very quiet) spring break -- the kids will all be away!
Happy Love Thursday!


Gayle said...

Oh, these kids are always so darn honest! I'd love to see your knitting project. Is it something you've show us already?

Happy weekend!

Mrs. E said...

I love this!! Smile lines are the best. Finishing a knitting project--nothing like it! Enjoyed your list. Enjoy spring break!