Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vegas Baby!

Guess where we've been? Yup. Sin city. Las Vegas! Only we weren't there to gamble (well, at least I wasn't). We went to witness our niece's wedding. You can see us above in all our finery.

The wedding was beautiful and it was great to reconnect with family. We relaxed at the pool, walked the strip and generally had a good time.

Crazy people that we are we drove to Vegas (one car, three kids, fifteen hours). Honestly? It was great. I really enjoyed the family time. Plus we were able to see some cool things that we wouldn't have seen from a plane. For example Bighorn Sheep, Pronghorn Antelope and bum ba da dum (insert drum roll) -- Death Valley.

Death Valley was a detour requested by moi. You see I grew up at the gateway to Death Valley. And yet I had never actually been there. Seriously. Never. And now, after 38-years, I can finally say I've been to one of the lowest points in North America. I'm not sure the family was impressed. But now they can say they've seen it too.

And now we are home. Back to our regularly scheduled programming; cooking, cleaning, knitting, sewing and, of course, working. Our mini-vacation was good while it lasted. Ah memories ...

❊❊❊ ❊❊❊ ❊❊❊

Things I'm loving today:
  • A feisty Grosbeak that doesn't seem to notice his (her?) broken leg
  • Learning Judy's Magic Cast-On for toe up socks
  • Warm weather forecasts
  • Crock pot cooking (an excellent way to feed the family on nights that I work)

Things I'm hoping for today:
  • The motivation to start triathlon training
  • Extreme frugality for the remainder of the month
  • Productive nights/weekend days at work
  • The wherewithal to knit TWO socks rather than one

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Mrs. E said...

So glad you got to splurge on some great memories. I'm sure your niece appreciated you being there!