Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Perhaps the pioneers had something on us ...

At the moment I'm trying not to freak out. Coordinating the lives of five separate people is overwhelming at best. Today Mr. Peculiar came home sick from work. We had early release from school. Guitar, lacrosse and freshman orientation for the boy. Dolls to make for Pioneer Town for Sis and ballet for Little. Needless to say Momma's plans for exercise flew right out the window.

I'm also working on gifts for a 10-year-old birthday on Friday and a 2-year-old birthday on Sunday. Oh yeah and Middle needs to dress in fifties attire for school on Friday. I have to work tomorrow night so all this has to get done before then.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

Tonight was definitely a night to go out to eat. Dinner simply wasn't going to happen any other way. And that margarita? Most helpful to Momma's state of being.

America has bred days like today. Families always on the run. Bigger better faster more. After tomorrow I'm jumping off this treadmill. I have no interest in this perpetual race to nowhere. To be honest I'm desperately looking forward to this summer and its deceleration. As of yet I've not signed anybody up for anything. And, you know, with the exception of a few swimming lessons I might just keep it that way.

Here's to sanity!


If you'd like to make yarn dolls of your own check out this tutorial.

Things I'm loving today:
  • Pounding rain, sleet, hail and sunshine all in a single day
  • Margaritas!
  • One more night in my own bed

Things I'm hoping for today:
  • Health for Mr. Peculiar
  • The energy to finish these projects
  • Time to cook dinner before work tomorrow
  • Sanity


Tammie said...

ive been feeling a need to slow down too. usually i do a pretty good job of it on my own, but lately we've definitely been go, go, go, and that can really only go on for so long.

*Michelle* said...

I hear ya, sister. Keep us zooming around so we are so pressed for time we have to purchase convenience items like prepackaged or fast food... and trinkets from China for birthday parties instead of making them. At least you're trying to keep your priorities in order.

Although I'm pretty sure those poor pioneer women that we sometimes romanticize worked themselves to death from sun up until sun down just to survive. Hang in there. Summer is almost here! (I'm counting too, believe me!)