Friday, May 14, 2010

Frugal Friday: Go Handmade

These days I feel weird when I buy a gift. Gifts, it seems, were meant to be handmade. A touch of love sewn into the seams or knit into the fiber. And I'm figuring out my standard gifts based on age. Diaper bags for new mommies, shirred outfits for one-year-olds, I Spy Bags for the kindergarten set and, now, boxed pouches with matching bags for the pre-teens in our life.

Today Middle Daughter went to a birthday party. I made a boxed pouch and coordinating shoulder bag. However it didn't seem quite enough. So we included a book (read but not worn) and Bookie the Bookworm Bookmark.

Bookie started off innocently enough -- what good is a book without a mark? But then Little said it looked like a worm. And indeed it did. So we took it a step further and added eye balls. Alas Bookie was born.

This gift is everything I hope to give; full of love and education. It sure beats made in China plastic!

Total cost of the gift? Hard to say. The fabric was on sale for $3.00 a yard. The book was pre-owned. The ribbon for the bookmark and bag -- thrifted. Then of course a zipper and thread. I'd venture to say no more than $6.00. And yet it is a gift I am proud to give.

Happy Frugal Friday!

P.S. -- I do well making gifts for the younger set. But when it comes to teenagers, specifically teenage boys, I fall short. I'd love to make gifts for my son's friends but I'm at a loss for ideas. For Christmas the boy got a knitted hat. Not so good for the summertime set. I love to hear what you make for the young men in your life!

❊❊❊ ❊❊❊ ❊❊❊

Things I'm loving today:
  • Having the night off work
  • Yummy left over pizza fixings (dough, meat and sauce frozen then thawed)
  • The Boy's first lacrosse game (he made a goal!)
  • Friends and community
  • Biking (with a small tumble in the driveway)
Things I'm hoping for today:
  • A productive but minimally stressful weekend at work
  • A house cleaning fairy
  • Continued motivation to exercise


Abigail said... are so unbelievably talented. I am in awe! Love those little pouches. They have to be so difficult to make. Great gift ideas!

Debi said...

That bookmark is adorable! You are so creative. I also find it is much easier to make things for girls. I have three grandsons (all under age 4) so for now I'm ok, but I'll be watching you for future ideas! I do remember that my grandmother made lap afghans for my boys as teenagers and they loved them.

Anonymous said...

For older teen boys, why not make those boxed pouches in "guy" colours or patterns and then add things like a razor, shaving cream, travel toothbrush holders, etc.

Mrs. E said...

I'm with supermom! That would be awesome! You are amazing--and absolutely right on track about gifts meaning more when they are made for you--to the both the giver and the receiver.

Another guy idea-- those towel wrap things that velcro around the waist.

Abbi said...

Great gift! The book mark is so cute! We had a birthday party to go to today and we were able to give a homemade gift too! I always like to do that. I had made an I spy bag and then I happened to know that he needed a chin rest for his little violin so I whipped up one real quick out of black velvet.