Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sewing Projects and Family Milestones

Here's a sneak peak at a project I've been working on: Baby Kimono Booties, a reversible bib (based loosely on the pattern) and burp cloths. Soon these will be packaged up and sent on their way. Their destination is hush hush as they have yet to be sent.

Anyone getting tired of this material yet? I'm stretching it as far as it will go! So far four boxed pouches, a shoulder bag and the items above. Not too shabby for $15.00.

And, on a completely different subject, Little spent last weekend learning to ride a bike without training wheels. I dare say she has it down pat. Her bike is a double hand me down. First it belonged to her brother and then her sister. It is ten-years-old and has seen a fair amount of use.

To celebrate this milestone I might just need to give her two-wheeler a makeover. Perhaps some ribbon in the spokes and maybe handle bar streamers. Does anyone have other suggestions to "girly up" a boy's bike?

❊❊❊ ❊❊❊ ❊❊❊

Things I'm loving today:
  • Evenings spent with family
  • Walking downtown for pizza, the library and the park
  • Time spent running (well, okay, jogging at a pace slightly faster than walking)
  • Dandelions
Things I'm hoping for today:
  • To find a fun creative project for pioneer town (crafts from the 1840s)
  • That the odor of spilt milk soon dissipates from my living room
  • No thunder storms tomorrow so I can hit the pool
  • A complete reduction of cellulite (yes I know -- good luck but a girl has the right to dream!)


HipHome said...

Sounds lovely!
Love all of those handmade goodies too~

Joy! said...

It's great that you have gotten so much use out of that one swath of fabric. And it's so darn cheerful and eye-poppingly cheerful that it lends itself to numerous small projects. Of course, the dollar stretching is also cause for celebration. Way cool.

I hope you get to swim, too. Bad weather tends to keep me in.

Joy! said...

Oops, it was so cheerful that I said it twice! Sorry. Needless to say: did not preview!

Jewelry said...

Cute (and usefull) new mommy stuff.

How about a fun basket on the bike? Perhaps with pink, silk gerber daisies attached? A pink bell? Of course a mirror for a little mid-bike-ride primping?

The Berghorn Family said...

How about paint and a cute little basket?

Molly said...

avery and i are loving all of your recent sewing projects! and the picture of your daughter on the bike is adorable (love that house in the background!).