Monday, May 24, 2010

Make It Monday: Picnic Blanket

Last Friday I was dreaming of a handmade picnic blanket. Today my dreams came true. Presenting the Beach Blanket To Go ala Soule Mama. The top is comprised of vintage sheets; including fabric from this project and this project. The bottom is a terrycloth shower curtain. The blanket has already been on an inaugural voyage to the Boy's lacrosse game. The weather has been quite chilly so our new-to-us coffee pump also went along for the ride. And, of course, smack in the middle of the blanket is my knitting. I can't think of a better way to spend a May evening.

❊❊❊ ❊❊❊ ❊❊❊

Things I'm loving today:
  • Bursts of sun during the lacrosse game
  • Dinner out with my parents
  • Vintage picnic items (baskets, pumps, blankets, etc)
  • Chickens that are decidedly still alive after an early morning visit from a raccoon
Things I'm hoping for today:
  • That last night's visitor will not return (he had to deal with sprinklers, dogs and dive bombing scrub jays)
  • A good nights sleep with pleasant dreams (as opposed to dreams of being sued and forgetting to show up in court)
  • To remember to refill my inhaler prescription
  • The energy to exercise tomorrow

Happy Monday All!

1 comment:

Tammie said...

oh i love it! i have a few vintage sheets and pillowcases set aside for just such a project. i just need to get working on it.