Thursday, January 28, 2010

Love Thursday

This day is grey. We've had brief periods of sun but clouds are the overriding theme. I don't do well without the sun; especially weeks on end. I'm tired. I don't wanna do things (said in THE whiniest intonation); I have no desire to cook, clean, drive, shower, or exit my pajamas. But I have a family and a job and other minor impediments that prevent me from staying in bed. So I continue on but not with my usual fervor (my husband would now like to butt in to state that my usual fervor is hardly fervorish. I will contend, however, that it is fervorisher than now. And yes. Fervorisher is a word as is fevorish. Why? Because I said so. My blog. My rules.).

This week has been trying. The kids have been at each other's throats. We're all testy. And I find it's times like this when daily gratitude really becomes important. So here is today's list.

I am grateful for:
  • Beautiful perfect tiny babies who fit into their tiny knit hats
  • Stripped socks in bright colors
  • Funny felt wallets made for 4th grade town
  • Heart crayons also made for town
  • The blackboard hanging from our coat closet
  • The library
  • A book club full of wonderful women
  • No predators in my backyard the night before last (when our chickens were inadvertently left to roam free)
  • An upcoming week off work
  • My crock pot
  • My six-year-old who would rather make a gift for an upcoming party than buy something because it "means more" that way.

This feeling of fatigue? It's nothing new. It too shall pass.

Happy Love Thursday!


Mrs. E said...

Your 6 year old is wise beyond his/her years! Oh, and i love the message on that chalkboard! I'm dragging this week and blaming it on the barometer!!

Luisa said...

It's nice to find a few things to be grateful for even on those sleepy, cold, unmotivating days. Sometimes getting back into fresh pajamas after a shower.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

The last one is my favorite - you must be teaching this lesson well, mama!

Gufobardo said...

I am reading your blog, what's a pleasure! hugs my new dear friend