Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Revealing Love Thursday

Things I'm loving today:
  • Reading Pollyanna with my daughter and learning to play the glad game.
  • Homemade snowflakes adorning our windows.
  • Thrifted wooden thread spools.
  • Fitting in exercise all this week (snowshoeing, treadmill, exercise bike and wii).
  • Finding time to practice my chanter*.
  • This cupcake kit purchased for my daughter's birthday party.


* I've been keeping a secret for the past six months. Well it's not really a secret but it's something I've only briefly alluded to here. And no. No! I'm not pregnant.

I've been taking lessons. Music lessons. You see I'm learning to play the bagpipes. Yup. Bagpipes. I feel like that middle spool of thread. The blue one. Scattered. Disheveled. Not quite wound right. What in the world am I doing?!!

Once a week I drive to the next town over for an hour of instruction -- this takes two hours out of my day; one for lessons and one for driving. Thus far I've been learning on a practice chanter. But soon I'll be ready for a set of real pipes. I've already picked them out. I've saved about $400.00. Only $1200.00 left to go.

Imagine. Imagine saving enough for pipes. Imagine playing them with abandon; without fear, without judgment. Imagine letting go. Imagine joy.

You tell me -- am I crazy?


Sheryl said...

Not crazy, wonderful! Imagine a world were people pursued the things they loved instead of the things they thought they should do. Wouldn't it be great. Keep doing what your doing. It's inspiring!

Jamie said...

My first thought was, "who does that!?". How very very cool of you. It's so much more impressive than say...guitar lessons. I personally love the sound of bagpipes. Good for you!

Mrs. E said...

1. I'm a huge Pollyanna fan! Good for you--sharing it with the next generation.

2. Bagpipes!! I am quite impressed! Love the music. Don't have the chops to attempt something like that. Yea you!

Amy said...

You would only qualify for crazy if you were pregnant. Trust me.