Sunday, January 17, 2010

Birthday Party Success!

I'm going to print myself a tee-shirt that says I hosted a six-year-old birthday party and survived! And we did - we survived! At one point there were twenty-one kids in our house; fifteen six or under and few older kids to boot.

As each child entered the house they were handed a newspaper hat to decorate. This kept the kids busy while everyone was arriving. Then we were ready for games.

Middle Daughter was amazing. She wrangled these little people into line, divided them into groups and sent them to their respective stations. Nary a tear was shed.

We fished for words, had an add em up beanbag toss and a snow globe making station. (The fun was sprinkled with a touch of math, spelling and science. Sorry - couldn't help myself).

After that cupcakes; old-fashioned chocolate and vanilla with a hint of lime (omit the cherry and add a touch of lime zest). Both were topped with buttercream frosting. Each cupcake was different. Some were decorated with deer, some with silver trees and some with cherries. And yet there was no fighting, no tears. We had forty-eight cupcakes. Today only a few stragglers remain.

Finally the presents. Oh the presents. Way. Too. Many. I wish I'd thought in advance about gifting alternatives. My daughter is attending a party today where they are having a book exchange. Each child brings a book and each child leaves with a book. I love that!

My task today is to clean the mess from yesterday's festivities. I may hide a few of the gifts; either to be re-gifted or brought out at a later date.

Two hours was just the right amount of time. The kids were done. I was done. Each child left with a gift bag containing a coloring book, pencil container and roll of Rolos.

I'd venture to say the party was a success. Now I can breathe a huge sigh of relief. I might even find the time to ship those remaining Christmas gifts that are boxed but not yet sent.

Have a lovely weekend!


Mrs. E said...

I'm kind of wishing I'd been invited! Sounds like great fun and the cupcakes sound delish! (Love that book gift exchange idea!) I still remember how much the kids love those parties--the Moms--not so much!

Gayle said...

That sounds like a great party, Shalet! Yum on the cupcakes!

jessica @ May the Beauty said...

What a great party! Lucky girl. The cupcakes are amazing. Did you make the coloring books?

Shalet said...

Yup. See the links here:

and you too can make some!