Saturday, January 23, 2010

Valentine's to Share!

Remember the valentine I was working on? My original intent was to simply cut it out and deliver as is. Then I came across this post from Paige Balcer at Shutter Sisters; a free valentine template made for a square photo. A square photo! I mean what could be more perfect?!!

So I downloaded the template, juggled it around to fit my photo and voila! A card was born. Paige printed her cards on scrapbook paper. I didn't have any about so did the next best thing; the backside of the card is a digital background. (You can find free digital scrapbooking files here). We went with the traditional blue for boys and pink for girls.

Here are the cards all folded up:

I did shrink the cards so three would fit per page (ever-frugal momma!!).

If you want to make your own go over to Shutter Sisters and get the template. If you don't have a photo of your own you are welcome to download my card for printing and cutting out. Of course you'll have to find a background to use. Here is a link for the girl version and one for the boy version.

I'm thrilled to have these done and it's not yet even February. One more thing checked off the never-ending to do list.

How are your valentines coming along?



Gayle said...

Those are so cute! You are so sweet to share them!

Mrs. E said...

These are adorable! :)