Tuesday, April 8, 2008


The alarm screams wake up, Wake Up, WAKE UP! It’s 6:30 am and I have to take my son to school. My eyelids are heavy and puffy. I rub them which does not help. I sneeze several times like a cat with dust in her nose. Overnight it snowed. There are two inches on the ground. Um, hello? Spring? I drag myself out of bed and subsequently drag my son out of bed. The hubbie is still asleep. I throw a coat on over my sweats and plop on the couch, put on the tv and watch with eyes half open as my son gets ready for school. Soon enough there is a knock at the door. The neighbor boy has arrived. The boys and I pile into the car and I drop them off at 7:20 am. My son has forgotten his backpack. I tell him tough patooties - don’t forget it next time.

Once home I make coffee. I attempt get middle daughter up. She doesn’t want to get out of bed. She whines and fusses. Finally she comes stomping downstairs. Her hair is a mess, essentially dreadlocks. She’s already mad at me so I take the opportunity and brush her hair. She screams. Her screams wake up papa. He comes wandering out, stares at her and then goes to switch the laundry.

She’s hungry. I give her a cereal bar. She is not impressed. I tell her that if she would get up earlier she could have a proper breakfast. Another neighbor comes to pick her up and she is off to school.

Finally I drink my coffee and snack on low fat cheese puffs (yes, tremendously healthy, I know). I pop a claritin. Then I get the baby up. She has ballet. Miraculously she dresses herself - tights, ballet outfit, panties - the whole shebang. I brush her hair. She is braver than her sister, less sensitive. She gets french braids.

I put on "real pants" and don a knitted hat (yeah for snow). We go to ballet. I knit during her class. The scarf is almost finished. I want to make a matching hat but don’t know if I’ll have time.

The babe and I have lunch at the club. Me, a BLT with hummus and green tea. Her, a bagel with cream cheese, chips and apple juice.

We get home and I sit on the couch. My eyes are heavy again. The hubbie is still doing laundry. The baby goes and plays in her room and I fall asleep.

I wake up as the hub is leaving for work. I snuggle with the babe. Now she is asleep. Soon we have to leave to pick up her sister. I’ll be armed with store bought cookies.

I am very tired. I have no energy. I am not sad per se. Just tired, very very tired. I need to exercise. I need to take my vitamins (although they look nice sitting on my butcher block). I need to eat three square meals and healthy snacks. I need for it to stop snowing already and warm up. I need some green (and not just tea). It’s the cloudy days that just kill me. I wonder if I’m dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Yesterday I found these crocuses prying their way up out of the dirt. Such tenacity in a monotone world. I want to be these little guys; a bright cheery spot against a dull background.

But right now I'm the background. I did manage to make homemade ravioli last night. And I’ve got ambitious plans for this afternoon. Perhaps the treadmill. And a shower. Maybe a bit of knitting and maybe some sewing. And I’d like to finish the laundry for that grand husband of mine. We’ll see how the afternoon progresses.

Addendum #1: The cookies were a smashing success. The ride home from school was most pleasant. Note to self: bribe middle child with cookies, responds well to sugar-filled stimuli.

Addendum #2: I, like millions of others, typed tired into google and found this interesting little site and article. What a curious world we live in and I am a part of it. But, no, I didn't send in my own confessional. This blog is enough.

Addendum #3: I really am getting on the treadmill. I'll be there in 10 minutes. Here's to a wakeful tomorrow.


Bridge said...

No SAD here, but when we lived in NY I had to pack in the B Vitamins, use full spectrum light bulbs and drag my bithcy ass to a yoga class (or therapy in bad winters) in order to survive.

Here's to sleep deprevation and coffee!

Honorary Indian said...

The first year of marriage we lived in Ohio. Can I just tell you that the sun NEVER SHINES IN OHIO?!

Doctors ALMOST put me on Prozac I was so miserable in Ohio.

Then, we moved back to Texas. And, all was right with the world--and with my moods.

I most certainly suffer from SAD. No doubt in my mind.

Here's to kids who aren't grumpy in the mornings (not in this household) and to hubbies who don't mind finding their clean underwear in the dryer.

Hey, at least it's clean and dry.

pERiWinKle said...

just to say...we moved from sunny South Africa to cold, grey UK a year ago. Whenever someone commented on the weather, I would say (with a smile)..."the sun comes from your heart". -)

We've been in hot, humid Malaysia for 9 days now...I'm the happiest person alive. It feels as if when in the UK the clouds and greyness just make themselves comfortable around my heart...and close it off...whereas here in Malaysia....standing in the sun and heat and humidity, arms stretched out, face smiling into the sun!, my heart is wide and open!

SAD? mmmmmm......donno....but sure love the sun! xx