Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's been a week full of projects. One birthday present. One special request. One bootie down, three to go. A hat in progress. One to go. Two and a half of ten aprons. Three loaves of bread. Thirty-six cookies. One pot pie. Ribs in the slow cooker. Fall is most definitely in full swing.


Today my girls stayed home from school. According to them they had sore throats and upset tummies. Me? I'm not convinced they're really sick. But I let them stay home anyway. We did, however, keep middle daughter's dentist appointment.

On the way to the dentist Little discovered that, being sick, she couldn't play with friends when we got home. This sent her into a sobbing frenzy. I gripped the steering wheel and said something to the effect of "there are consequences for your actions." The five-year-old did not care for my wisdom and bawled all the louder. Finally I screamed "YOU BE QUIET NOW!!" This outburst shocked the hullabaloo into a quiet whimper.

Then we got to the dentist office. Inside was one autistic boy, one child who was not quite right and a little girl recovering from cancer. I looked at my girls with their unbrushed hair, mis-matched clothes and tear stained faces and was instantly grateful for all that they are and all that they're not.

Indeed we are quite lucky.


Tammie said...

this brought tears to my eyes.

sometimes my kids are bugging me so much that i just wish they's either "be quiet" or "go away."

but what if they really did?

Gayle said...

That is a good reminder.

Love your photos this week!

Amy said...

I guess it is telling that I laughed out loud when you wrote YOU BE QUIET NOW!.
Always grateful for what we have, yes, but still,

I laughed.

Joy! said...

Sometimes I tell the cats (or the baby), "Just STOP." Sometimes they even do. :)

How lucky, I guess, to be "just" sick and not seriously ill. *sigh*, sometimes.