Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Winter Already?!!

This weekend autumn zipped right on past and winter barged in. We had our first heavy snow. The trees hadn't even turned or lost their leaves. As a result branches were down everywhere and our power was out for several hours -- before we had our coffee! Our stove is gas and we have a french press but, dagnamit, the grinder required electricity. Poor us - we had to go to out for beverages (yes - Starbucks still had power). Lucky me I had a gift card so I didn't feel too guilty.

Our town was beautiful covered in snow but c'mon - I need autumn first! I haven't even put out my fall decor. Note to self: put out fall decor.

Around here life has been full. We've been mired in school, our first colds of the season, the duties of daily life and fun projects to boot.

Today middle daughter is once again home from school (viruses be gone with you!). Since I've got her captive we're going to start working on her Halloween costume. She wants to be a ball of yarn. Little intends to be a kitty chasing the yarn. Yes - I may be crazy.

I'm also busy knitting for babies already born and working away on aprons for another fun activity (three down, seven to go). And I haven't even begun to think about Christmas. Eeek!

Well I'd best get to work. Stay tuned! Later in the week I'll be back with a giveaway. Hint: It's got something to do with the kitchen ...



Mrs. E said...

Snow!! I can't imagine that yet! Knitting, sewing?? You are wonder woman!

Alicia said...

I love the costume ideas! Those are just brilliant & I look forward to seeing photos!

Susan Petersen said...

i can't wait to see that costume. a ball of yarn and a kitty...your daughters are CREATIVE!

Joy! said...

It sounds like a great conceptual costume! They'll have fun hamming it up. I too can't believe various friends are already getting snow. Autumn, come back!

Gayle said...

Snow? Yipes! The Halloween costumes sound wonderful. Can't wait to see them!