Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Join the Mat Revolution

Picture this. You've had a loooong day. You spent hours, literally hours, cleaning your children's rooms. You put your time in as a cabbie (to school, from school, to school, from school to swimming and piano and finally home). The evening is winding down and you find yourself with a free moment. Yet it's time to get dinner started. What do you do? Why sew a bathmat of course!

You see all the cool kids are doing it. The pattern came from A Handmade Home and the project was simple enough that I literally sewed and made dinner at the same time. (Keep in mind last night was taco night so the kitchen didn't require much concentration.) The top fabric is a thrifted sheet and the bottom fabric an old towel.

I was hoping to photograph this guy in his native environment. But as it turns out the light in my bathroom is quite poor. Additionally we lack dazzling photographic features such as a claw foot tub (poor poor me!). Anyway the yellow matched the yellow of our aspen trees. And yes my neighbors think I'm kookie with my cereal box, camera and bathmat. It's a small price to pay.

The stitching is perfectly imperfect which makes this mat well-suited to hold wet feet and muddy paws. I definitely see more in our future!



Abigail said...

Love it! I need to make one! (imperfect stitching guaranteed)

Gayle said...

Imperfect stitching is right up my aisle! This is great.