Thursday, October 22, 2009

Like a good cheese ...

A couple years ago I knit a pair of leg warmers for my girls to wear to dance. And no - I wasn't stuck in the 80's. These little hand knits had become popular again; especially in little girl dancing circles.

They were gifted at Christmas and then promptly set aside. What? Mom spent hours making these for me? Great! *Leg warmers tossed over shoulder like a fist full of salt*

Over the year these knits have periodically shown up around the house; dragged out of the shoe basket by the cat, tossed aside while searching for a baseball cap and strewn over a chair by our household ghost. But nobody ever wore them.

Ah well, I lamented and consoled myself with the idea of knitting for knitting's sake.

Then yesterday arrived. On Wednesdays Little has dance. Guess what she decided to wear? The leg warmers! As she put them on she asked, "Mom? Did you knit these?"

"Yes" I replied.

"Wow!" she exclaimed, "You are like the BEST KNITTER EVER!"

The moral of this story? Give anything hand knit at least two years for appropriate recognition. Like a good cheese these leg warmers were merely aging to perfection.

Little's dancing friend down the street also adored her fashion prowess. I've since been commissioned to knit another pair for Christmas (shhhh - don't tell). Hopefully those warmers won't require a two-year fermentation.


Happy Knitting and Happy Thursday!


Gayle said...

Shalet, that is so funny! It must have felt great to get the Best Knitter recognition even two years later! When my oldest son was in 3rd grade I knitted him a Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf. By the time I was finished with it he wasn't into Harry Potter anymore. (And he said it made him itch.) It is still sitting in my bedroom closet, 8 years later!

Cathy said...

LOL! that's so awesome!

Jessica said...

That made me chuckle. When I was little my grandma knit me everything and I always just wanted the trendy gloves from stores and such. Now I cherish those sweaters, hats, scarves, and mittens in a way I never could have imagined before.