Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another question I could not answer...

Saturday night 8:15 pm.  Phone call received while at work. 



"I'm making brownies and you know that egg?  That big egg from Rose Scooby Doo?"


"Well I know why it was so big!"

"Oh yeah?  Why?"

"Because it had two yolks!  Two!  It's freaky!! Is that, you know, normal?"

"Yes.  It can be normal"

"Oh, okay.  And, um, Mom?!"


"What happens to the, you know, babies?"

"You mean if the egg is fertilized?"

"Yeah.  Does one of the babies eat the other?"  

"Babe I don't think so.  Perhaps you should look it up but right now I have to get back to work."  

"Oh. Okay.  Bye!"



But, of course, I couldn't stand not knowing.  Here is the science behind the double-yolked egg.  

Happy Weekend All!


Mrs. E said...

I always thought double yolk eggs meant good luck! We had a hen who produced them fairly often. Of course, the scientific information makes them seem a bit less exciting! (I LOVE that you are too curious and had to know!!!)

Anonymous said...

Me too! I totally had to find out once I started reading this. During our hens first week of laying one layed a triple yolker and I totally wondered if three baby chicks could grow. Of course I was too lazy to look it up so Im glad you did, lol!!


Haha funny conversation! :) I like your blog!