Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Heart's A Fluttering ...

Easter weekend was wonderful. Sunday was a tad chilly but still perfect for potlucks, a gathering of friends and egg hunts. We made cinnamon rolls from scratch and slow cooked baby back ribs. With a house full of friends and the kitchen in full swing it was necessary to throw open the windows and let the chilly outdoors in. What a perfect way to celebrate the season of renewal.

Thankfully I finished my daughters' Easter dresses (just in the nick of time). I'm still knitting for our neighbor's baby born yesterday. One bonnet and one bootie complete, one bootie to go. I expect to finish tonight ... just in time for the baby to arrive home.

And speaking of renewal ... this week also harbored some minor health concerns. After nearly a year's respite my heart issues have returned. I've had a week of near constant palpitations. Honestly, other than the odd rhythm and pounding of my heart, I feel fine. But the frequency and force of the palpitations is disconcerting. So I'll be visiting my cardiologist on Thursday to make sure things remain a'okay. Strangely enough I had severe palpitations around the same time last year. I can't help but wonder if there is a seasonal component. Or perhaps it's hormonal. And no, I'm not feeling particularly stressed or anxious. This body is a mysterious contraption. Who knows what it's thinking.

Last year my palpitations ceased when I began triathlon training. Assuming I have my doctor's blessing I will attempt the same cure this year. I'm going to drag my twelve -year-old son along for the ride. After all it's always more fun to train with a partner!

Today it snowed (so much for Spring!). But, just like last year, I will be the crocuses standing strong against the elements. Meditation, yoga, exercise, healthy eating and positive thought ... what else can I do?


Today is my husband's birthday... the big four two. Happy Birthday Daddy! Maybe you're the reason my heart's fluttering away. ;o)



Anonymous said...

I so appreciate your good attitude about the weather. I am trying so hard not to let it get me down. Today's sunshine was helpful.

Your heart palpitations - seasonal perhaps allergic reaction?

I have done some triathlons myself. Danskin a couple times and a few others. Not sure about this year though. I love to run and find that much easier to do than finding time to bike and swim.

take care of yourself. report back what the cardiologist has to say.

Gayle said...

I love your photos. They are so pretty and springy!

I'm sorry to hear about your heart troubles. I hope it is a benign condition and that you can begin your triathlon training cure soon! My thoughts will be with you, Shalet.

Tammie said...

i hope you get the heart thing figured out. it sounds scary.

oh and happy birthday peculiar poppa!