Thursday, May 1, 2008

Love Thursday

She’s walking down the hill in tight black pants; you can see every curve, every dimple. She’s had three children and it shows. One child is nestled in the jogging stroller weighing it down. She loses her footing and skids on gravel then regains control. She continues towards the trail. She is going to start her training. She is going to run.

The child kicks her feet and waves her hands, a prepubescent coxon yelling “Run, Mommy Run!” Then, “Stop Mommy Stop! Are there bucks here? Will they get us?”

Mommy replies with a huff and a pant.

Baby pips back in “Run, Mommy, Run!” deer already forgotten.

And Mommy runs. She runs and runs until she can run no longer. Mommy walks then runs some more. Her ankle is sore. Her chin, an asthmatic indicator, begins to itch. Yet her heart is holding strong. Mommy has a long way to go.

Tomorrow Mommy plans to swim. How many laps can she do? She doesn’t know. Fifty is the magic number. Fifty consecutive laps and you’re golden. No sweat. How many was she swimming last summer?

And so begins the journey of this slow fat triathlete, doing what she wants in the body she has now.


Here’s to having a body that may be fat and may be slow but will take me where I need to go. Happy Love Thursday!


Green Eyed Girl said...

Great post!

Tammy said...

Healthy and happy is the perfect combo. Go mommy go!

Chloe said...

Consider me impressed!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I need that energy. :)

Anonymous said...

Go fat go! My new motto. When people ask why I signed up for the Chicago marathon I say, it's not about going to Chicago, it's about getting to Chicago.

PS--think I could wear my new hand knitted scarf there??

Marcie said...

What a beautiful post!! May you be an inspiration to all those out there who believe themselves less than perfect..but are willing to go for the gold.

Honorary Indian said...

Oh, I'm so WITH YOU! Running tomorrow...cycling on Sunday. Swimming AND running on Monday.

Girl, we can do it.

When is your race? June 8th for me...

Let's become triathletes together!

Bridge said...

Go girl!

Shelli said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, as always! I'm happy to hear someone is going to start a journal with me.

Good for you for running! That's what I should be doing right now!

Brené said...

I love this! I did the Danskin Tri several years ago. I figured if I waited until I looked good, it would never happen. We all got metals that said, "The woman who finishes the race is not the same woman who started it." So true. It was hard and wonderful and hot and scary and amazing. I remember crying when I gave my daughter a t-shirt with the slogan, "My Mom Tri's"

Rock on!