Monday, April 27, 2009

Grace Abounds

This morning my daughter and I were walking home from a friend's house. My daughter was "babysitting" their gorgeous babe while I went to an appointment. We paused in front of our house to watch a young robin struggle with a worm. He has a plan for dinner, I thought, but what about us? A trip to the store with a tired preschooler shot to the top of our agenda.

At that exact moment my neighbor came out of her house with a plate full of pulled pork and loaf of bread.

"This pork simmered overnight," she said "and we have way to much. I thought you might like some."

Grace abounds.

Now instead of worrying about dinner my daughter can nap and I can sew myself a pair of underwear.

No. Seriously.



elk said...


Anonymous said...

that was/is funny and very resourceful.

Abigail said...

Hahah--absolutely love this. How'd the underwear turn out?

Gayle said...

Okay, I was totally not expecting the sewing underwear part!

Anonymous said...

You could be pushing sustainability to the limit.

TAMI said...

Love being the neighbor that gives, and being the one that receives. How blessed we are to care for other and to be cared for!!

LaughingFamily said...

Wow - homemade undies, huh? Impressive!