Monday, July 21, 2008

Race Day!

This weekend I completed my first triathlon: a 1300 yard swim (downstream), 12 mile bike ride and 3.1 mile run. I did great in the swim and was the second woman out of the water in my heat. I actually ran to the transition site like a real triathlete. I pulled my wet suit off like a pro. This is cake! Then came the bike. Mountain bikes with knobby tires are not known for speed. Mountain bikes with 37-year-old novices are really not known for speed. I could gain on people on the hills but when it came to the downhill portion I was blown out of the water (so to speak). Then back to the transition area. The bike rack was full. A kindly gentleman who already finished his race took my bike for me and hung it up (yes - cheating slightly but hey I was hardly in the front of pack). Finally the run. I actually passed four people on the run. Four really really slow people but four people nonetheless. Of course a thirteen-year-old blew by me. Because of course they do that to you, to mortify you - your age is written in big black permanent marker on your calf. My age is still there today - after a shower and a trip to the pool with the kids. Three seven. I might as well have the word “dork” penciled in next to it and other things like “weekend warrior” and “holy cats am I sore today!”

At any rate I finished the race and under two hours to boot. Then hubbie and I went to look at road bikes. Because in my next race I want to have a road bike. Yes you heard me. My next race. When? Where? I do not know. I may be getting older but I’m not going down without a fight. This exercise has done me a world of good. My heart is loving it. Now if I can just find two-grand worth of change in the couch cushions...


Erin Faye said...

Way to go!!!! You are amazing. Exercising is addicting once you see the changes in your body and mind. Keep it up, and I can't wait to hear about the next race!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, fantastic, inspiring! I promise you, one day soon you will really wish that "37" was permanent. Love it now.

Bridge said...

Yay! I am so proud of you! What a huge accomplishment, you are amazing and I am truly inspired.

Honorary Indian said...



I finished in 2 hours 2 minutes. I wanna believe if I hadn't stopped to chat with ladies like I was at a social event I coulda done it in under 2 hours.

And, yes, you WILL do a next race. I am. In fact, I've signed up for 2. In August and September. And a half marathon in November.

It's okay. You can admit it. You totally rock.

And, like me, you just might be addicted to finish lines.

Jen said...


You go girl!!!!!!!!!!! You rock.

What a fun entry to come across, having been absent from your site for awhile. (BTW, are you not checking email anymore???!!!???)

And, oh, the big black 3-7 on your leg? I'd be proud!

Ladyv said...


you are amazing!

earthmama said...

You are awesome mama! I love the little anecdote about your age on your leg! LOL!~ Do they seriously do that, like, as a rule in all the races or just this one? How funny! You seriously kick butt! I am feeling pretty lazy! You've inspired me to take a run today! Thanks. You rock!


Carrien said...


No way I could get my 31 year old as over a finish line in less than two hours. ANd not just because I am an extremely poor swimmer. Good for you.

And brave. YOu know what's really brave? Running in that swimsuit with out a few sport bras. Also something I would not be brave enough to try.

Congratulations. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. In my first racewalk race, an old guy passed me, who'd had a knee replacement. That was mortifying. Good on ya.

Anonymous said...

wow! great job. congratulations!

Jaime said...

Wow...what an inspiration you are. I just finished reading about your time in the hospital (seemed so terrifying...especially all of the prep stuff!) and now this race. What a journey you have been on! And there will be more races to wonderful.