Thursday, April 9, 2009

Things I Love Today

  • Easter Chicks (our chickens are here, our chickens are here!!!).
  • Dresses fashioned from former sheets (go here for a tutorial).
  • Plants bursting from the earth.
  • Walks to the library.
  • Time to admire the daffodils and other gorgeous spring bulbs.
  • Borrowed dvds.
  • The smell of malt from the downtown brewery.
  • The smell of waffle cones from the candy shoppe.
  • Fresh from the oven cinnamon bread for the walk home.
  • Getting caught in the rain.
  • Turning down a lift from the neighbor and continuing our wet journey.
  • Alley chickens.
  • More baby knits on the needles.
  • Future clothing in the form of thrifted sheets.
  • Afternoon naps.

Happy Love Thursday!



Anonymous said...

your profile page reads so much like mine : )

thanks, my shirt on my profile page was from Target Clearance Rack!

your chicks will grow so fast. Our chicks are 1 month old today. They eat a lot (and poop a lot too).

I live in the PNW too

ELK said...

lots of love here that your little girl? so cute in the dress!

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

Happy Love Thursday to you!

I'm with Elk, that dress is too cute on her!!

Gayle said...

Great list and I love the photo mosaic! Happy LT!

Donna said...

Great collage...and I love, love, love those chicks. Happy Easter!