Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Things I'm loving today

Things I'm loving today:

  • Valentine's cups from Starbucks (yes I went just for the cup and I *love* that it celebrates all types of love from motherly love to the love of a friend to a sweetheart's love.  This day is for *all* of us, each and every one).
  • Special cookies for special people (dough is made and in the fridge).
  • Felted acorn necklaces completed and ready for the 2/3 Valentine's party.
  • A kitchen that's not *too* dirty after three loads of dishes.
  • Leftovers for dinner (yes, I know, not romantic but I'm working tonight).
  • A great book in progress and another waiting at the library.
  • Boys who ride bikes and fish all morning then play lacrosse all afternoon.
  • A husband who gets up early, makes coffee and gets the big kids off to school while I snuggle and snooze with Little. 
  • Sales in the shop just when an extra little bump is needed (thank you Universe!)
  • Downton Abbey online - perfect entertainment while felting acorns.
  • And, finally, little and not so little girls who spent the weekend cleaning their room (it's about time!!)
Today, on this day of love, I give all of mine to you.  



Snap said...

Love the Valentine cup from Starbucks. Books, Downton Abbey, kids and a husband who gets up early ... sound like you had a blissful week! Wishing you well.

Shalet said...

Indeed. I've been making these lists for a few years now. It really does a body good to sit down and think about the wonderful things we all have in life.

Lori said...

Your little bliss list made me smile. So, jealous of the love cup from Starbuck's and I too am in love with Downton Abbey....