Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday and Teriyaki Meatballs

We had a mellow Sunday.  Working, napping, knitting and watching the Super Bowl.  Our family was not particularly invested in the outcome of the game and thus it was enjoyable.  Truth-be-told I watched mostly for the commercials.  The remainder of my time was spent knitting (well knitting and frogging and knitting again).

And though it was just our family I wanted to cook something special.  Something Super Bowlish.  During half time I tried out a new recipe -- Teriyaki Meatballs.  And let me tell you they were a hit.  The Boy, after biting into his first meatball, suggested that Mama become a contestant on Chopped.  Middle facebooked that dinner was delicious.  Everyone ate their fair share and then some.

I made a few small changes to the recipe -- first I doubled it.  This made enough to feed our family of five and have a few meatballs leftover.

I used only half the recommended amount of ginger; this mostly due to laziness.  Grating fresh ginger can be a bit of a chore.  But oh how good it smells!  Actually I had the boys grate the ginger for me.  It's nice to have prep cooks by my side.

Additionally I left out the sesame seeds.  I simply didn't feel like buying an additional ingredient.

And finally I used regular sesame oil instead of toasted sesame oil.  It was what we had on hand.

Yes -this recipe will be added to our regular repertoire.  It was great over rice and made a nice meal but it would also make a great party appetizer (just add toothpicks).

Thank you Budget Bytes for your ingenuity!



Anonymous said...

Mmmm, sounds lovely... glad it was such a hit! Always nice when you can make everyone happy.

Shalet said...

Indeed! And such a rare thing around here. It seems we normally have quite varied tastes.