Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This will be a marking post.  Me talking to myself.  Wondering.

First off I made myself coffee today.  I'm rather proud.  I nearly bought a coffee because I wanted froth and the batteries in my thrifted frother are dead.  But then I remembered our immersion blender.  Yes -- it can froth milk.  And I did so without making a gigantic mess.  $3.50 saved.  Every little bit puts me that much closer to my dreams.

I had another revelation today.  I no longer need to buy sawdust for my chickens.  Honestly I should have figured this out ages ago.  Alas I did not.  Instead I had to find this; a Sunset article from a brilliant person in my hometown.  Pine needles!  I can use pine needles.  And let me tell you we have these in abundant supply.  Doh!

Next I'm wondering if I should start the process to become a Master Beekeeper.  I'm sure I could learn a lot.  I'm sure it would be good for me and good for my bees.  But I'm not sure I should commit more of my time.  And then there is the cost to consider.  I've already purchased another set of bees and am in need of a second hive.  I'll have to ponder this one for a bit.

My raspberry plants have started to come up.  This seems early to me but we've had quite an odd winter.  Now I'm wondering how to best protect them from deer.  I think I'll try chicken egg spray (20% whole chicken eggs and 80% water).   According to the Colorado State extension this is quite effective.

I'm also thinking about my garden.  I don't think I'm going to plant my raised beds this year.  They are right in front of my hives and my activities last year bothered the bees a bit.  My plan is to simply seed the beds with a wildflower mix.  This will look nice and please the bees to boot.

I'd love to get some troughs like these and turn them into raised beds further over in the yard.  The troughs, of course, would still be susceptible to deer.

Growing is so difficult here and I'm still longing for a greenhouse.  This would solve two problems -- the plants would be kept warm *and* protected from those pesky hoven creatures.

Finally I need to give my yard a good and thorough cleaning.  My poor neighbors have such a neat and tidy yard.  And we have no fence in between.  Despite all their efforts they are forced to see our haphazard area.

Seems I'm thinking a lot about the outdoors.  Looks like I'm ready for Spring!


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