Friday, July 31, 2009

More criminal behavior (and a giveaway!)

My girls were recently introduced to the joys of stamping courtesy of a local garage sale. They purchased a couple of stamps and some ink pads. Then they got to work decorating every single piece of available scrap paper (and my wood floor to boot).

Yesterday the hubbie and I stepped outside to talk with the neighbor while the girls were stamping. Upon return we were greeted by this:

Yes. She had stamped her face, her arms and her legs. Only this was not one of the stamps the girls bought. It seems they ventured into the garden and plucked a seed pod off our oriental poppy. As it turns out these pods are perfect for stamping.

After recovering from the initial shock of her appearance I swelled with pride. We were raising innovative resourceful girls. Little did I know their actions would lead to criminal behavior.

I was so impressed with the kids' discovery that today I went to pick the remaining pods. They'll make nice gifts coupled with an ink pad for the nieces and nephews.

The first plucked pod spit out a bunch of tiny brown things. It took me a moment ... my brain is sometimes a bit slow ... and then it hit me - these are seeds. I ran back in the house and got my son. Together we plucked the pods and gathered the seeds.

Then I did an internet search to see if these seeds could be used. And the answer is maybe. It turns out oriental poppies contain opium. The seeds themselves are fine to eat and harbor a negligible amount of narcotic. They can be toasted and ground then used in muffins or breads or scones. However, thanks to the war on drugs, it may be illegal to harvest and use homegrown seeds. It's legal to buy them from the store but not to gather your own.

Therefore the boy had inadvertently entered the drug trade (thanks to the over-exuberance of his mother). This was not his first criminal offense. And the girl spent her day solidly covered with the mark of opium. This was also not her first offense. Should any of us be arrested I sincerely hope you will help to post bail. Really we are good people. Truly.

And now you must excuse me. I'm going to bake a batch of lemon scones which may or may not contain poppy seeds.


These pod stamps are super cool. They'd make great snowflakes and could be used to create excellent holiday cards. And the pods are seed and opium free. I am giving away a set of stamps and an ink pad in a homemade bag . Comment by August 7th for a chance to win.


Digital Misfit said...

LOL thanks for the early morning laugh!
I must commend the children for their brilliant use of nature in their crafts.
It is unfortunate that your son must add drug cultivation to his existing record of forgery, and all before 8th grade!

rachel said...

Who knew that you were harboring drug lords right under your own roof!? I love that they took something common and familiar, and turned it on its head - making something totally different. Great job, kids!

Mrs. E said...

My mom always told me to avoid criminals...but you make it look/sound so fun!!!

mayaluna said...

Love this... you're a fabulous writer and have very creative children. I ran out to my oriental poppies and gave it a try. I think we are a little later in the poppy season, because I took photos of them when they looked like your stamp, but they've dried so much that they don't make that mark at all. Next year, I'll remember... or maybe I'll be the lucky winner:)

Tammie said...

i love this.
especially because ive been watching Weeds on dvd. :)

Gayle said...

Oh, boy. Not more criminal behavior. Hahahaha! That seed pod did make a super cool stamp!

This post reminds me that our school district hosts a bus driver appreciation breakfast each year and we are not allowed to serve anything with poppy seeds. Apparently eating them would make the bus drivers fail a drug test!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

You are hilarious!


becky @ misspriss said...

Wait. What? You cannot use the seeds IN COOKING out of your own garden? This is what's wrong with mindless laws.

Maiz said...

Funny! Please enter me in your contest!

Angela said...

My mom always laughs about the poppies that she grows in her yard. I'd love to get a set of pod stamps!

Anonymous said...

How funny - and yes, resourceful! I'm cracking up over here.

Gail Cagney said...

First comment ever, see how she flies? You are a Hoot! and I love listening to your music as I catch up on you and the tribes antics.
You are special in this world. Gail