Friday, July 17, 2009

Frugal Friday - Homemade Mochachinos

Nothing beats an icy cold beverage on a hot summer's day; especially when one's air conditioner is on the fritz.   A frappachino would really hit the spot. However if one can't afford to repair the a/c unit then one can't afford Starbucks either.  Fortunately there is another way ... homemade Mochachinos!     

How to make homemade Mochachinos:

1) Make a pot of coffee.  Drink some and freeze the rest an ice cube tray. 
2) Buy a pink blender from an estate sale (well, okay, other colors are also acceptable). 
3) Blend one cup of milk, two heaping spoonfuls of hot chocolate powder and six coffee ice cubes.  If you are feeling really spry also add a banana. Please note I like my coffee beverages on the not so sweet side - alter the recipe as needed to suit your own taste.  
4) Pour into a mason jar/old spaghetti jar.
5) Enjoy!

Warning: Can be addictive!  Make at your own risk!



Gayle said...

Shalet, this sounds great! Can you believe I have never even been in a Starbucks?!

Mrs. E said...

Brilliant!! I love the Mason jar look.

Bridge said...

you know, i always pour out about 4 ounces of coffee when cleaning after the morning rush. this is a brilliant idea.

Skye said...

I bet it wouldn't be as good with non-pink blenders not from an estate sale, though.