Monday, August 3, 2009

Forever is Composed of Nows

Yesterday was a harrowing day at work. Many clients had seriously ill animals and some very tough decisions had to be made. The tension was palpable. Not all people deal well with high levels of stress. Some clients were, let’s just say, less than polite.

Each time I walked into an exam room it was as if someone placed a brick on my shoulder. My job was to bear the block’s weight and to balance it with the previously laid masonry; a human jenga. Through each tear, each expletive, each explanation ... I took on their stress as my own.

My co-workers, thankfully, remained level-headed and kept the place afloat. Somehow I muddled through. Needless to say I was quite relieved when yesterday came to an end.

As Emily Dickinson said, “Forever is composed of nows.” This morning I needed some new nows - now. Fortunately my family was game. We got up early, dropped the little one off with a friend and took the two older kids on a hike.

The trail was gorgeous. We stopped to admire wildflowers and waterfalls, snakes and frogs. With each pause a brick fell to the ground. My stress lay prostate in the dirt like a trail of breadcrumbs (I’d caution you to follow that path ... you may not like where it leads). Nine miles later the bricks were gone. I was worn and properly fatigued. I was ready to empathize and to forgive.

Tonight my muscles ache and my bug bites itch. I’m quite sleepy and ready for bed. And I’m ready to watch forever unfold because now is good.

I sincerely hope your nows are wonderful too. Good night.


Amy said...

Some days the nows are perfect and some days not so much - but thank you for the reminder to be in the moment.

Mrs. E said...

I like your way of letting the bricks fall. A healthy way to deal. Beautiful quote!

Anonymous said...

Truly a waterfall.

Anonymous said...

Nine miles of bricks?! Oh that is a heavy burden to carry. So happy to hear you went to bed feeling lighter and more centered. A hile does the same for me.
xxoo friend,

Gayle said...

I'm so glad you were able to get rid of those bricks. That is such a pretty waterfall. It looks like the perfect place to unwind.

LaughingFamily said...

Beautifully written!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words and photograph and love the message.

Thanks too for stopping by my space and leaving a comment. Your blog is delightful and I'll certainly be back.