Monday, July 20, 2009

What's Up?

Chicken Butt

You may have noticed I've been quiet lately. I am in an unfamiliar place ... the waiting place.  I am waiting for my shift to be over, waiting for the weekend to come, waiting for yarn to be delivered and waiting for paint to dry.  Just waiting. 

We are experiencing record heat and our a/c is still broken (it'd help if I'd call a repair man). I have little motivation.  I don't want to cook or clean or create and I most definitely do not want to exercise. I don't even feel like reading.  I am not depressed, per se.  I am not unhappy. But I'm merely going through the motions; my body is living life without me.  

I find myself looking forward to fall ... cooler temperatures, apple cider, football in the background.  I feel guilty for not enjoying the here and now.  I tell tall-tales like ... if only I didn't have to work then I'd be motivated. Then I'd have time to appreciate.   I know this is not true (though I'm not turning down those lottery winnings should they come my way). 

So here I sit.  Waiting.  Yet I have faith.  In the sage words of Dr. Seuss: 

Somehow you'll escape

all that waiting and staying.

You'll find the bright places

where Boom Bands are playing.

With banner flip-flapping,

once more you'll ride high!

Ready for anything under the sky.

Ready because you're that kind of a guy!

Oh, the places you'll go! There is fun to be done!

There are points to be scored. there are games to be won.

And the magical things you can do with that ball

will make you the winning-est winner of all.

Fame! You'll be famous as famous can be,

with the whole wide world watching you win on TV.

Except when they don't.

Because, sometimes, they won't...

And that's it really.  Some days will be better than others.  


Mrs. E said...

I absolutely love that part of the Seuss book. I've been where you are. You need some cooler temperatures. I'm guessing some little thing will catch your eye and perk you up. (I'm always grateful when that happens!) Happy Tuesday! Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday, too!!

Gayle said...

Too often I find myself looking forward to things, not enjoying where I am right now. I'm not happy with myself when I do it. You're right, some days are better than others in this life. Sometimes it helps me to grab my camera and look for the good things that are around me right now.

LaughingFamily said...

Sticking with the wisdom of Seuss, here is my favorite. Sometimes I wander into my son's room just to read this:

"When you think things are bad,
when you feel sour and blue,
when you start to get mad...
you should do what I do!

Just tell yourself, Duckie,
you're really quite lucky!
Some people are much more...
oh, ever so much more...
oh, muchly much-much more
unlucky than you!

Be glad you don't work on the Bunglebung Bridge
that they're building across Boober Bay at Bumm Ridge.

It's a troublesome world. All the people who're in it
are troubled with troubles almost every minute.
You ought to be thankful, a whole heaping lot,
for the places and people you're lucky you're not!"

And, for the record, I'm hoping on hitting the lottery, too. Although, since I don't buy tickets, I don't think my odds are very great!

Carrien said...

I so know that feeling.

Jeanneoli said...

I love summer but my heart longs for fall. The color, temperatures, it all.