Thursday, October 23, 2008

What I do not understand ...

Man has walked on the moon; "Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed."

Jim has a prosthetic hip; “a Tapered Titanium Cementless Femoral Component in Primary Hip Arthroplasty.”

My house is on Google Earth; “the rocket control mechanism uses the inertial guidance system to calculate necessary adjustments to the rocket's nozzles to tilt the rocket to the course described in the flight plan.”

E-mail is received minutes after it’s sent; “Eventually, the packets reach computer Here, the packets start at the bottom of the destination computer's TCP/IP stack and work upwards.”

Animals are cloned
; “we can create an exact genetic replica of a cell, tissue or animal” down to the last A T G and C.

Mice grow human ears; “Progenitor Cells Isolated from the H-2Kb-tsA58 Transgenic Mouse.”

I can change the channel from across the room; “The chip is packaged in what is known as an 18 pin Dual Inline Package, or a DIP. To the right of the chip you can see a diode, a transistor (black, with three leads), a resonator (yellow), two resistors (green) and a capacitor (dark blue).”

I’m freezing yet febrile, every cell aches, my nose is raw; “there is no medically proven and accepted medication directly targeting the causative agent, there is no cure for the common cold.”


It' official. I'm sick. Everyone else is healthy so I am apparently the fomite this round. I'll have to care for myself then brace to care for everyone else.

Last night I made soup for my soul; heavy on the garlic. I also downed several cups tea with lemon, honey and fresh ginger. Let me tell you - this leads to several trips to the bathroom. Sneezing on a full bladder is NOT a good idea for any woman who's had children.

And instead of reading tea leaves I read my tea bag:

I do hope it's true. I'm going to do my best to love my family and myself as I wade through this murky wet tunnel of parenting and work, sleeplessness and sickness. I can't wait to come out the other end. When I do I'm going to dry off and leap into a pile of gorgeous autumn leaves.

Then I'm going to keep a promise to myself. I'm going to create time for me. For exercise. For yoga. My body needs a thirty-seven thousand mile tune-up. Then I need to keep up with proper maintenance so I reach that coveted hundred-thousand milestone. Baby steps. Baby steps.

Happy Love Thursday Everyone!


ELK said...

feel better S O O N tea bag karma!

Jewels said...

Oh bummer - that is the worst!

Feel better soon dear :)

Lemon Dingo said...

Bouncing on a trampoline is also a big no-no for any woman who has had a child...(so I recently discovered. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Tammie said...

feel better soon.

i do so love your blog. after reading it i feel so relaxed.

Bridge said...

feel better sweet lady...I held a sick child most of the day.

Honorary Indian said...

Get well quickly. And, yes, the greatest strength is love. Love that tea bag.

I hope you can create time for you. It's a struggle in my life to do so, but every single person I come in contact with benefits from me having a little "me" time.