Friday, October 17, 2008

Frugal Friday

Last night we messed up. I was tired. I just couldn't do it. We went out to dinner. $70.00 to feed a family of five. Granted that included margaritas. The margaritas were good. All margaritas are good. But the food wasn't that great. It certainly wasn't worth the money with or without alcohol. Tonight we're having proscuitto chicken with fontina cheese and grilled asparagus. Tonight's meal, including wine, will taste much much better and cost a fraction of last night's dinner.

If you are smarter than I and elect to spend your $70.00 on something other than mediocre Mexican food here is what you can get:

A yellow chair: $15.00
(lovingly photographed here and blogged here )

A green bookshelf: $10:00


A yard of material: $1.00
A large shabby-chic table cloth: $3.00
A Christmas ornament for the neighborhood holiday exchange: $2.00


A vanity table that perfectly matches the other furniture in your daughter's room: $15.00


A brand new apron: $3.00


And ... you'd still have some money left over to buy something homemade from my Etsy Shop.


It's really all about how and where we spend our money isn't it? I hope all of you are smarter than I and have a Frugal Friday!


Lemon Dingo said...

I loved your post about the yellow chair. I always find myself evaluating the value of an object I want to buy in comparison to coffee....that's worth about 3 lattes...bargain...I'll buy it! My husband always has a chuckle at my "caffeine economy" but its important to maintain your sense of value. A chair lasts a lifetime...a few coffees can be consumed in an hour. I know which one I would choose!

Meadowlark Days said...

I love the yellow chair. I love garage sales and thrift stores...ah.

Thanks for stopping by!

Joy! said...

I love thrift stores, but I'm living more of Spendthrift Saturdays these days. :P Must get back to it. But first, I am decluttering more than I am acquiring, so that is a start. I like seeing your finds!

Bridge said...

Frugal you are!
Superhuman, you are not!
Occasional dinners out, margaritas all good stuff.
I always regret the dinner out thinking I could have done it better. I can too! I just hate the cleaning associated with it!

Nice apron, what a hot mama wearing it too!

A Day That Is Dessert said...

I like the emphasis on frugality - it is so easy to spend $70 on a mediocre meal and then not be able to do what you'd really like to with the money! Good post.

Lemon Dingo said...

Here is my attempt to be frugal this week

Amy said...

Seriously - you are inspiring me. I could drop that money on eating out without batting an eye but your post really puts it in perspective. Thanks.

Honorary Indian said...

You are so inspiring!!!!!

I asked my neighbor a few weeks ago to teach me how to knit. I wanted to make myself a scarf.

I was well on my way...till middle child (boy) unraveled it all. Thankfully, I hadn't gotten very far. But, still. Aaaagh!

I'm not going to give up. I haven't been able to hook up with Wendy yet to have her get me on track, but I will. You have inspired me to do so. Because I wan to make myself some socks like that.


Anonymous said...

Lol, loved reading this! Oh I would buy everything you mentioned and I can make mean home-made enchilladas to boot.

We have very similar decorating styles!