Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Word 2012

 Simplify, Imagine, Appreciate and Shine.  Four words and four years.  Here we are, still standing, at the beginning of the fourth year.  A year full of promise and hope.

Finally, finally, the recession is lessening her grip (strange for me to say as our bank balance is precipitously low).  And yet I know opportunity lies ahead.  Our income increased slightly in 2011.  This after several consecutive years of decline. The pendulum has swung and we are on our way up.  It's about time.

This year is also a culmination; a year to pull together the knowledge gleaned from our past experiences.  I will continue to simplify, to imagine and to appreciate.  And in doing these things I plan to shine.

Shine means putting my best foot forward.  It means making a sincere effort in whatever I am doing -- whether that's running on the trail, cleaning my house, nurturing my family or focusing at work.  Something akin to "this little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine" in a nonsectarian sort of way.

Shine does not mean perfection.  I do not yearn for the impossible.  I will have days where I can not do or accomplish what I want.  And in the these days I also hope to shine.  To shine with acceptance and forgiveness and grace.

As I do every year I've made a list of goals, of things I'd like to accomplish in the upcoming months.  Many are the same as years past.  Some are continuous progressions, others goals not yet attained.  There is no shame in transferring last year's list to this year.  Though some things have gone undone there is benefit in reassessing and renewing these commitments.

This year's goals (in no particular order):

  • To beat my husband in a half-marathon (that is to finish said marathon with a better time than him)
  • To eliminate the carpeting from my house (paper bag floors here I come!)
  • To finish my first ever quilt
  • To finish the couch slipcovers started in November (I am oh so close here)
  • To finish my crafting room (including making a daybed like this)
  • To make a "Shine" sign -- ✓-- done!!
  • To take more photographs and organize them by month including more photos of the children and especially of the boy (two and half more years and he's off to college)
  • To go camping at least twice
  • To keep the house clean and organized (including keeping up on dishes and laundry and providing a good example for the children)
  • To read more with my children
  • To continue to learn the bagpipes and to set aside more time for practice
  • To finish making the rug I started for the living room
  • To replenish our savings
  • To continue to cook at home, use ingredients and left-overs wisely and to prepare delicious healthy meals
  • And, finally, to enjoy and appreciate each and every day. 

Here's to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012!




Debi said...

You have an ambitious "to do" list for 2012... I wish I was brave enough to post mine! I love your "shine" theme and your sign. I'm sure you will be successful with your list with such a beautiful reminder to shine!

Pam said...

Shine is a wonderful word for this

Here's to 2012!

Shalet said...

Thank you ladies! I am quite optimistic and can't wait to see how the year unfolds.

Anonymous said...

I love this light, your outlook, and the concept of an annual "word" or theme. Fantastic! The idea of making a sincere effort in whatever you're doing really resonates with me. I will be cheering you on from here!