Saturday, November 5, 2011

The circuitous route to home remodeling (aka if you give a crafter a cookie ...)

Several weeks ago I decided to sew a scarf.  A fun ruffled scarf.  And I found the perfect material -- extra large tee shirts on sale at Target.  I cut the material, pinned everything in place and discovered my sewing machine would no longer zig-zag.  FineNo problem.  I got out sewing machine number two -- it wouldn't stitch, period.

I was at a crossroads.  Do I repair one or both of these machines or do I break down and get a new one?  After quite a bit of research and some serious soul-searching I found I wanted a new machine; a real machine - with stitch patterns and multiple feet and capabilities.  In other words I was ready to take my sewing to the next level.

After all I had been sewing consistently now for five years.  And, shockingly, the things I've sewn are a) still intact and b) still in rotation. This is justification enough, right?

Then I found a wonderful financing deal with Bernina -- four years interest free.  Four!  And no prepayment penalty.  Now that I can do.  And I did.

My new machine arrived yesterday.  Only here's the thing. I've yet to get it out of the box.  You see once the machine was ordered sewing projects popped up everywhere -- slipcovers and tree skirts and stockings and quilts ...

And I didn't want to wait.  I was antsy and had no patience.  So, with my old machine and simple straight stitch, I began slipcovers for my couches.  Overall they've turned out well; in a rustic sort of way.  I still have to finish a cushion cover and skirt for the larger of our two couches.

While fully immersed in my slipcover project I also began to realize just how disgusting our carpet is.  I spent quite a bit of time sitting on the carpet pinning and adjusting and was not at all pleased with the experience.  Last week I nearly threw down my sewing and ripped the carpet up.

But I talked myself down convincing myself that I should, minimally, complete one project before starting another.

Well yesterday that went out the window.  I was sitting in my favorite chair and quite frankly the room just didn't smell right.  I lit some candles -- better but still not right.  I sprayed some lavender.  The smell still lingered.  And then I realized the cat had peed in the corner right behind my chair.

That was it.  Right then and there I ripped out the carpet.  Then I went to the hardware store and bought   brown builder's paper and polyurethane*.  Paper bag floor here we come.

Now 1/3 of the room is done.  I plan to finish the remainder next week.

So, you see, I am remodeling my house all because I tried to sew a scarf.  If you give a crafter a cookie ...

* Worried about the effects of inhaling excessive amounts of polyurethane I splurged and bought a water based low odor product.  It cost a bit more but is definitely worth it.  More floor pictures as the project progresses.



Cameron said...

Oh my sweet Jesus this is my life. This is soooooo my life!! Can't wait to see photos of the floor!

Shalet said...

So glad I'm not the only one! I just need to get through a weekend at work and then, hopefully, finish what I started!

Annie B said...

I sympathise with you, I do exactly the same myself but somehow everything gets finished in the end. I can't wait to see how the floor looks when it is finished!

Anonymous said...

I followed the link, but I am one of those souls (hangs head) who needs more instructions than that! do you over lap the bags? do you cut them up? HOw does this work! because the photo looks GREAT!
and your going to love your Bernina. I inherited one about 10 years ago, and Oh how I love it!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Love "if you give a crafter a cookie." Too funny. :)

I can't wait to see the final floor... it looks beautiful in your in-progress snap. And I love seeing all your sewing project photos grouped together in one place! Marvelous! So many charming and lovely projects.

Shalet said...

Working on the floor again today and the craziness continues. I've now added make a pet bed from a suitcase and design an area rug to my ongoing list of projects.

Anonymous said...

You are so talented and I am ever so slightly jealous especially of your sewing skills. I can't wait to see the floor complete.

Brendan Gertner said...

It seems like you're trying to remodel several parts of your house in a very detailed manner. It is okay to get off to a slow start, as that can lead to a better outcome. Good luck on your remodeling projects. Post some photos when you're done.