Monday, January 30, 2012

Things I'm Loving Today

Things I'm loving today:

❖ "Caleb's Crossing" on my iphone (makes housework go that much faster)
❖  Iphoneography
❖  Chickens who finally lay eggs (it's about time)
❖  Upcycled burlap curtains (old coffee bags)
❖  Ideas for pillows floating in my head (with accompanying bumble bee embroidery)
❖  Sunflowers to brighten the kitchen
❖  Kitchen experiments (sweet and spicy sundried tomato cream pasta)
❖  Feedly as my new blog reader
❖  Seeing some of my bees today (they're alive!)
❖  A sweet young lady who loves Doctor Who



Anonymous said...

Wonderful. :) I've been daydreaming about embroidered bumble bees myself, and that's without benefit of keeping my own. A marvelous, colorful, cheerful, just-right list.

Michelle Turbide said...

What a crafty week. Chickens and bees? you must be one busy lady.

Lindsay Drya Vanhove said...

Iphoneography... I wish that one was on my list too!
Kitchen experiments are always fun, I know!!
I totally love the pictures you have shared with your list, thanks for sharing!

Have a nice weekend!

Jennifer Richardson said...

sounds delicious and warm, your bliss:)
thanks for the beautiful share,

Shalet said...

You are most welcome!