Monday, January 10, 2011

The Weekend

Oh how I *love* weekends; especially when we all have time off together. This is a rarity and something to be treasured. This past weekend we took full advantage. We went sledding, canned fresh tuna, baked banana bread and I even squeezed in time to knit.

We made pasta with artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, bright yellow tomatoes and basil. Oh the smell of fresh basil! Is there anything finer?

We had family taco night with homemade guacamole. Everybody ate and nobody complained -- hooray! Too bad we can't have tacos every night of the week.

We celebrated two separate birthdays -- a one year old's and a thirty-two year old's. How lovely it is to gather with friends.

We finished Harry Potter. The very last book of the series. Put all seven books together side-by-side -- that's quite a bit of reading and quality family time spent over the years.

Basically we had a lovely couple of days. If only all days could be like last weekend. But they can't (at least not for the time being). So we are continuing to truck along.

I, personally, am struggling a touch. Winter is challenging. The sun plays a big role in my mental well being. I'm trying to stay positive; to find crafts and activities to bring joy into my life. I am working to appreciate all I have (and am doing my best to ignore all I don't).

That is my word for this year, 2011. APPRECIATE.

I have many hopes and dreams for this year.
  • I hope to bring in more money by both working hard and spending wisely.
  • I hope to get in better shape.
  • I hope to run a half-marathon.
  • I hope to truly learn to play my bagpipes (rather than the dying cow noise that currently emanates from said instrument).
  • I'd like to reset my family's routine and bring in more books, more crafts and less media.
  • I'd like to get organized once and for all.
  • I'd like to finish the pizza oven we started building over two years ago.
  • I plan to dance on stage (yes -- my dance class comes with a recital).
  • I'd like to knit a full-sized blanket and perhaps another sweater.
  • I'd like to camp as much as possible.
  • I need to clean out our garage.
and the list goes on and on. But most of all, whether this list gets checked off or not, I want to appreciate each and every day and each and every moment for the beauty contained within. If I can accomplish this then life has no choice but to be "all good".


donna said...

What a great word for 2011...and your list is awesome. I like the "do more" tone of really sounds like a "get more out of life list" which is the perfect way to start the new year. Looking forward to following you reach for all your goals this year.

Jen said...

Your weekend sounded simple and blissful, basically perfect. I do love your word and your to do list. Best of luck with all of your hopes and dreams for 2011. Take care =)

Shalet said...

Thank you ladies! I do hope to do more and get more out of 2011. Here's to a new year!

Amy said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend and I love your ideas for 2011!!!

Theresa said...

Just wanted to add a suggestion from your previous post. A great book series for kids of pretty much any age is "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". My 8 year old and I read it before bed and it has brought both of us to tears, laughing. Just a thought!

Bridge said...

I am with you on a lovely weekend. sounds delicious. I also have some goals similar to yours, just your half marthon is my 5K. Running has been a challange for me so...

Shalet said...

@ Theresa -- thank you for the book suggestion. I'll definitely have to check it out.

@ Bridge -- good for you! Believe you me I am running challenged (to say the least). You can do it!