Sunday, November 27, 2011

Handmade Holidays (and links to projects)

Ah Thanksgiving!  I've had a wonderful week off.  Time to spend with the kids.  Time to spend with my folks.  

As we were packing and heading over the mountain to my parents I worried about my crafts -- did I pack what I needed?  Embroidery - check, felt - check, latch hook - check, wool - check.  'Tis the season for making and doing.  As it turns out I had what I needed -- mostly.  Of course, when we get home, I will be pouring through my fabric stash looking for just the right material for this project and I ordered felt online for this project and this project.  

Yesterday the girls, my mom and I went to the movies.  We saw Hugo -- it was very good.  I'm especially fond of old time Paris in the snow.  The movie theater was in the main shopping mall.  I've not been to a mall in quite some time; its a place I typically avoid.  And I was reminded why.  I can say with complete honesty -- there was nothing there I wanted to buy (with, perhaps, the exception of the Apple store).  Even there I'm on the fence.  Is an iphone really worth the monthly fee?  

The mall reinforced my desire to have a homemade holiday.  Now, of course, we will buy some things.  Things that are needed and/or will be well used.  Things I am not capable of manufacturing.  

And I will buy some things handmade; handmade but not by me.  Take for instance my friend Robin.  I know a certain young lady who will adore her crocheted tote.  I'll be making a small make up bag to go with it.  And when I spend my money this way - helping a military family who could use the extra income - it feels good.  Truly.  I've never gotten a warm fuzzy feeling buying from large corporations.  Thus its win-win.  

Now its time to pack up and head back home.  Time to go back to work.  This was my holiday off.  I'll be working Christmas and New Years.  Thankfully I'm on nights.  The kids will have to wait for me to get home on Christmas morning to open presents.  Oh the agony.  Somehow I think they'll survive.  And I, too, will survive.  One way or another.  



Anonymous said...

Do you think Hugo is to scary for an 8 year old?
Your the first I know who has seen it.
Sitting next to you on the fence about the iphone. I really will not get one until I can get a carrier other than AT&t as they have NO service at all where I live.
So I will have splinters in my bum by the time I do decide.
Have any good Holiday craft books to recommend?
happy december! it's here....

Robin Norgren said...

you sweetie pie! Thanks so much for the mention!