Friday, November 18, 2011

On Snow and Crafting and Meditation and Life

Last night it snowed; the first snow of the year.  Time to pull out the hats and mittens and snow boots.  Time to retire the skateboards and bicycles. Most definitely time to put away the canoe and kayak (ahem).  Time to nest.

I've got quite a number of projects going  -- I've begun my very first quilt (if you don't count this picnic blanket which I do not).  I'm learning as I go.  The internet is tremendously helpful.  I've complete both the quilt top and backing.  I did have to add girth to the backing once I figured out it was supposed to be bigger than the top.  So much for my precise measurements.

Now it's time to actually quilt.  Hopefully my stitches hold as this is a blanket destined for the couch; it will receive lots of snuggling and lots of abuse.

I've made one acorn garland and shipped it off (after Mr. Peculiar helped me to change the drill bit).  Two more garlands are pending.  I meant to snap a photo of the first but never quite got around to it; I'll try to photograph the others before they go.  I also have an order for a set of felted acorns.  Note to self: finish orders and ship on Monday.

Silly me I've not yet finished those slipcovers I started.  Perhaps before Thanksgiving.  Then again -- maybe not.

And then there's the latch hook rug -- little by little it's coming along.

Oh and there are the holidays to consider.  I have some ideas rattling around in my head but will keep those quiet for now.

❅❅❅ ❅❅❅ ❅❅❅

I've been thinking a lot about crafting; about why I do it.  It boils down to meditation.

Crafting catches my focus and clears my mind.  It sucks away my stress and tucks it in a neat little corner where I don't have to look at it or think about it.  And believe you me my life and my "real" job are stressful.  Quite.  And, for a multitude of reasons, the stress has multiplied over the last week.

I've also been thinking about who I want to be.  This thinking often circles around to who I do not want to be.  I do not want to be angry.  I do not to be vindictive.  I do not want to be bitter.

I want to be loving and forgiving, kind, gentle, and understanding.  I want to be grateful and appreciative.  I want to focus on the good in all people and all situations.  This is easier said than done.  But I'm going to put it in to practice as I return to work tonight.

I am reminded of this quote from John Watson; "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."




Anonymous said...

I've been having a lot of the same thought circles recently--both "why I do what I do" as well as "who I want to be/don't want to be."

And I so agree--it is often easier to visualize that wise, infinitely patient, infinitely compassionate person we're striving to be than it is to actually *live* that. Especially as we trip and bump, herky-jerky, through our busy real-time lives.

I hope today brings you less stress, more loving-kindness, more gentleness. And lots of crafting pleasure. :)

Shalet said...

♥ Thank you my wonderful friend!