Saturday, October 1, 2011


It has been quite a while since I've had a real true weekend.  A weekend at home.  With little plans.  Pajamas till noon and serious puttering.  Pure bliss!

Things I'm loving today:

  • When Harry Met Sally (seriously -- I watched it this morning)
  • Fresh peaches and plums from our very own tree
  • Alfredo Mac 'n Cheese bubbling away in the oven
  • Crisp overcast days 
  • Leaves beginning to turn
  • Funny mottled molting chickens
  • Movie night with the family
  • Custom adult pumpkin hats -- knit to order
  • Downtown festivals and friend's bands
  • Crafts in the works
  • Books on cd and listening while cleaning (it's amazing how much I can accomplish when I'm entertained)
  • Halloween art work -- *love* my littlest vampire's drawing.  
  • And, as always, sleeping in!
I hope you are having an equally wonderful weekend!



Tammie said...

oh shalet, what a great list.

ive always wanted to see When harry met sally but never gotten around to it.

Liz said...

When Harry Met Sally is one of my favourite films :)