Tuesday, October 18, 2011

These are the best days ...

This fall has been gorgeous.  Atypically warm.  Comfortable.  Every time I go outside I am mesmerized by the golds, deeps reds and oranges.  The trees simply glow.

Today I took advantage and walked Little home from school.  I was hoping for a fantastic stroll, mother and daughter hand in hand, chatting happily.  Instead Little marched twenty steps in front of me.  She was in a huff because I wouldn't let her stop to do homework.  Seriously.  What a bugger!

Now I'm sitting in my favorite chair and knitting.  See that delectable yarn?  It's turning into a scarf.  A little something just for me.  Something to celebrate the season.

And those pumpkins?  Homemade too.  Homemade and super easy.  If you are going to the pumpkin patch pick up a few extra stems and make a few of your own.  I filled mine with lentils and bird seed foregoing the polyfill.  I really like their weight.  They are sturdy, substantial.

And the flowers?  All from my garden.  You wouldn't know it to look at it.  There is definitely work to be done.  Dead heading and weeding and trimming.  But amongst all the mess -- simple beauty.

Tonight we're having left overs (either that or eggs on toast or ham and egg cups -- I can't decide).  I am trying to be frugal and stretch the budget.  To compensate for spending in other areas (cough cough yarn store cough).

In the oven are homegrown tomatoes -- roasting to perfection.  On the table beside me?  Iced coffee, the ghetto version made at home.

In other words -- today is a good day.  I'm happy to be at home.  To be off work.  To putter.  These are the best days.



Meadowsweet Cottage said...

Thanks for linking my velvet pumpkin tute in your post. I looove the way yours turned out--yummy colors!

Shalet said...

You are welcome. Such a fun project -- and easy to boot!

Theresa said...

I love the colors you picked for your pumpkins! I've been obsessed with those but haven't made any as of yet! lol I have been painting, but now its time for more crafting. Link up anytime on my craft blog!
I sent you an @ on twitter.
Happy Fall to you!! xo Theresa

Shalet said...

Happy fall to you too!

Karima said...

Hi, saw you on blog hop, now network blof following, Karima