Thursday, March 24, 2011

Up for the Count

I woke to the rhythmic ding Ding DING, ding Ding DING, ding Ding DING of the intercom. Someone was at the front door. I sat up -- dazed and confused. I was at work and had been catching a cat nap on the futon in the office. It was 5:00 am.

The overnight technician answered the door and started intake paperwork. I wiped drool off my face, stumbled to the bathroom and brushed my hair. The results were questionable at best. Though I'd hoped for stellar and erudite I had to settle for tolerably competent. And, given the hour, even that was dubious.

Our patient was a spastic rat terrier who woke his owners with a deluge of diarrhea; bloody diarrhea no less. Not what anyone wants to be greeted with in the wee hours of the morning.

Now we see quite a bit of bloody diarrhea in these parts*. Thus we are fairly nonchalant about the such things. I have to remind myself this is scary for people. They are not here to disrupt my sleep (well okay -- they are but it's not their primary impetus). No, they are here because they are worried and, quite frankly, terrified about their pet's condition. Certainly if my human children presented with similar signs I'd be a basket case and barrelling through the doors of our local ER.

Despite his illness our patient was bright and chipper. We were able to treat him as an out-patient and send him on his way. Hopefully his people, now educated about his condition, left with a touch less worry in their hearts.

After discharging Fido (name changed to protect confidentiality) I surveyed my surroundings; a strip mall parking lot with a dental office and street sweeper in the distance; not exactly a five-star view. But beyond the concrete was the rising sun and clouds, fluffy and golden, radiantly reflecting the light. It seems there were advantages to waking early.

By that time it was six am. Rather than being down for the count I was up for the count; meaning I had (have) a long day ahead of me. I had charts to finish, insurance forms to fill out and a patient to discharge. After that my primary task was (is) to stay awake.

You see I will be working the day shift this weekend. This means I have to switch from night owl to passably human over the next two days.

It is spring break. Though my girls are visiting Grandma and Grandpa the boy is home. As is Mr. Peculiar. This week he worked Sunday through Wednesday, has today, Thursday, off and works again tomorrow. As per our moniker we hold peculiar hours. The boys want me to go thrifting with them. I think I will. After all I have to do something to stay awake.

Now you have been given fair warning. If any wackado items appear in the shop you may turn me in to Regretsy. I will steadfastly blame any and all oddities on a lack of sleep.

Thank you for stopping by and have a joyful day.


❊❊❊ ❊❊❊ ❊❊❊

* Bloody diarrhea has many causes from pancreatitis to parvoviral enteritis to hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. It always warrants a trip to your local veterinarian.


TAMI said...

Your ramblings were delightful -- maybe especially spunky due to your "condition" !!!!

Shalet said...

Oh thank you for not admonishing me for my "condition". As of 9:15 pm I am still awake (with a tiny tiny nap). Dinner consisted of multi-grain chips, store bought tzatziki and wine. It was all I could handle. Tomorrow is another day ...

Anonymous said...

what a bitter sweet post..
It was full of your wonderful humor, and endearing foibles...
yet it brought back sad memories of the loss of a much beloved pet from a bought of bloody diarrhea.

Shalet said...

Oh Illuminary -- I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I still cry when I think of my childhood pet Pepi (and he died 30 years ago). They really are beloved family members.

XO to you.