Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Solace in the Ordinary

I visited SouleMama's blog today and was blessed with a wonderful reminder. There is great solace in the ordinary. This I know but oft forget.

I've been feeling small and helpless. Wanting to do more for our world. Wanting to reach out, act and make a difference. I've donated money. I've marched through the house turning out lights. I've lectured my brood about energy and waste. Yet it doesn't feel enough. I want to go to Japan and help -- provide veterinary care or move debris or simply reach out and hug those in need.

But the reality of the situation is I am here. My family needs me. The laundry awaits. The dishes are piling up. The dogs continue to shed and a thorough vacuuming is in order. These tasks also hold meaning. This life, my life, no matter how small, is important and warrants tending.

So I am seeking solace in the ordinary. I am washing dishes and letting the warm water run over my hands and pour into my soul. I am doing laundry and burying my nose in the softness and heat. I am knitting wash clothes with vintage needles and feeling a deep connection with women of the past. I am collecting eggs and marveling at my chickens and the wonders of this world. I am appreciating these moments with a full and open heart; these points in time that are everything and always will be everything.

This is not to say I've forgetten our friends across the sea. Far from it. I pledge to do what I can. But I am also turning inward and focusing on what is before me. Now if I could *just* figure out what's for dinner ...

❊❊❊ ❊❊❊ ❊❊❊

Things I'm loving today:

  • William Carlos Williams and his beautiful simple poetry
  • Late winter rain that signals spring's arrival
  • The delectable smell of clothes fresh from the dryer
  • Fresh laid eggs still warm to the touch
  • A quiet house in which to gather my thoughts
  • After school baking with my daughters
  • The serene comforts of knitting (I hope to have knitting through any and all disasters).
  • An upcoming book club with wonderful thoughtful women
  • And the thought of crafty new environmentally friendly projects on the horizon

Thanks for stopping by!



Anonymous said...

It's hard not to get pulled into the tide of the grief. But you are so thoughtful, and what you are doing is making a difference.
A big one and a small one.
Don't ever forget the little ears and eyes that learn by the way you lead.
anyway, I think the crockpot needs to come out with some rice and hmmmmm

Laurie Graves said...

Great post! And, yes, sometimes our little lives do seem insignifcant. Our hobbit lives. But yet all together, they add up, and what you are doing is very fine.

Melissa said...

Lovely, simply lovely.

bootextiles said...

Thankyou for such a beautiful post. I too am trying to seek solace in the ordinary. Knitting always does it for me. Think I will try and knit some dishcloths after my tea cosy is finished! xx

Shalet said...

Thank you all! XOXO.