Sunday, March 27, 2011

I am amazing and so are you.

Alright. So I'm writing this post in advance. Mostly because a) I have to work tomorrow and b) Mr. Peculiar would kill me if I told you was home alone tonight.

Yes, that's right. Home alone. Okay, well not really alone as there are two dogs, three cats, six chickens and I don't know how many fish in my presence. But you get the gist.

This is a rare occasion for me. I'm accustomed to being alone during the day. But night? That's a whole different story.

You see the Mister and the Boy went to the valley to retrieve the girls. And me? I stayed behind to bring home the bacon. You got it -- I had to work.

Now I left the house this morning with a cup of coffee and no other plans for nourishment. This was a tad myopic as I had a twelve hour shift ahead of me. Were I, perhaps, a touch more organized I might have considered food a vital part of my day.

But no. I elected to wing it. As such breakfast was a stale doughnut. And lunch? Multigrain chips with salsa (we're just going to pretend this is a healthy and well balanced meal).

And of course I had no dinner plans. What? No dinner plans on a Saturday night? Sad but oh so true.

I was lucky enough to finish my records before the next doctor came on shift. In my remaining half hour I jumped on the net. By happenstance I came across this amazing recipe. And I thought I can do that. Now let me tell you *that* sure beats the frozen broccoli and cheese I was previously contemplating.

On the way home I stopped by the store -- picked up a tomato, some goat cheese and greens. And a cheapo bottle of wine to boot.

Because you know what? It may be just me. It may be just me, alone, in scrubs covered in who knows what kind of organic material (ahem, enough said). But I deserve it. I deserve to eat well. To treat myself as if I matter. Because I do. I matter. And so do you.

So the next time you are thinking of selling yourself short think again. And treat yourself like the amazing and wonderful person that you are.


PS -- Serendipity. While puttering about the kitchen I discovered we had one, ONE, espresso chocolate chip cupcake in a jar sitting oh so alone. Did I eat it? You know I did.


Jordan said...

Enjoy your night off AND your yummy cupcake in a jar!

Shalet said...

Thank you! I did!!